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ARPSC training or drill TBA  at the Emergency Operations Center, 300 South Highlander Way.
Mr. Richard L. Winsett, PEM-CEM, Emergency Manager (EM) Livingston County
Bruce Pollock, PEM, N8WWX, Emergency Coordinator (EC)

Assistant Emergency Coordinators (AEC)
Tim Conroy, WB8HRO - Digital Operations
Jon Harris, KC8VAB - Digital Qperations
 Robert Hitchens, - Feild Operations
Steve Lendzion, N8GQ - Feild Operations
Ray Melosh, N8CPO - Logistics
James Kvochick, WB8AZP - Comm Rm Mgr
Neil Sablatzky, K8IT - Comm Rm Mgr
Scott Kennedy, KB8ZRC - Liaison
*** Please do not turn off the TNC's, or TNC radios (see notation below) ***
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SKYWARN & Critical Incident Net Operations Frequencies:
1. Primary 146.680- (162.2 Hz Pl)  LARK Repeater
2. Backup 145.410- (162.2 Hz Pl) Repeater
3. Backup 144.32 Simplex   4. Backup 145.52 Simplex

IS 22 Are You Ready, course on line

IS-195 Basic Incident Command System, course on line

IS 700 National Incident Management System, course on line (NIMS)

Ham Shack at the EOC  (Photo by K1DE)


Please note:  do NOT turn off the TNC's, TNC radios, or power supply.
Radios used for voice communications should be returned to their SkyWarn frequencies and turned off.
Please, please Exit WinAprs before shutting down console C !!!

Training Drill

Training Drill

Dinner before Skywarn training

Pete, WA1LRL and Bruce, N8WWX at dinner before skywarn training



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