Y2K Nite Activities

Thanks to all who monitored our frequencies and were ready to help if needed.

Special thanks to Dave, W8MFR for using his well equipped station to monitor HF.

With over a year and a half of statewide meetings and drills, and  the ham shack at the EOC fine tuned and tweaked, we were ready for whatever Y2K nite was going to bring.  There we were poised for emergency communications: Dave, W8MFR monitoring specific HF frequencies; Ray, N8CPO at McPherson Hospital with his rig connected to the dual bander the hospital had installed; Mark, KC8GRQ & Larry, WB8WOD ready on a second's notice to go to the Brighten State Police Post; Sharon, KC8IZZ at the Hamburg Township Offices; John, K1DE and others at National Weather Service in White Lake running the MICON Net; Bruce, N8WWX, Neil, WA2WIM, Dale, KC8IMK, Rick, KC8HEZ and Tim, WB8HRO at the Emergency Operations Center.

Now the Real Truth of What Really Happened That Night!
Caution graphic descriptions that follow may offend some readers!

Dave, W8MFR was home dinking around in his shack and let the EOC know nothing was going on, on National ARC frequencies.  Ray, N8CPO got in on a big feed the Hospital put on.  Mark, KC8GRQ spent the nite dinking around his shack too.  Larry, WB8WOD spent the nite with Sharon, KC8IZZ doing what, we don't even want to know.  John, K1DE and others were just MICONing.  Meanwhile at the EOC ham shack we were swamped, overloaded with our dinking around in between passing two long messages (119 & 115 words) for LCARC on HF SSB and 2 meter Packet.  At 0830 Zulu we were allowed to secure having done all the dinking we could do.  We don't really want to know explicitly what other monitoring stations were doing.

Thanks to all the Amateur Operators who help prepare, monitored, and /or participated in Y2K nite.
A great opportunity to test our preparedness.