Portland Internet Radio Group ~ N7PIR 

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Thank you for your interest in the Portland Internet Radio Group! Currently the system consists of 4 UHF repeaters operating in the 440 MHz. band. The three repeaters are linked together full time. Any of the three sites can control the IRLP Link.

Portland Internet Radio Group strives to maintain a quality repeater and linked system that is well balanced and not overcrowded. This ensures everyone an equal opportunity to use the system and communicate with others in a timely fashion.

We encourage anyone, of any age or background, that has an interest in amateur radio to consider taking a membership with the N7PIR ~ Portland Internet Radio Group. By coming a member, you will be supporting the many group events, technical projects, and community support activities. In addition, we provide a fun and social atmosphere where one can feel free to get information on the latest aspects of ham radio or even solicit advice or help. Our members have a wide variety of knowledge and are glad to help. Please check our website for information on the many things we are involved in.

The Portland Internet Radio Group always accepts donations. Donations helps to cover some of the costs of the operation of the repeaters, and other expenses. Some of these costs are rental fees (over $50 a month), insurance, and of course general upkeep. All repeater equipment is privately owned and/or paid for by various individuals.

Membership is not required for use of the repeater or IRLP.

 Please send and make checks payable to:

Michael Steiner
39040 Jerger Street
Sandy, Oregon, 97055
(Suggested yearly donation amount $40.00 - $50.00)

 If you are interested in membership please take a second and give us a little information about yourself. Please send an e-mail at [email protected] Please include your Name, Call Sign, e-mail address, and how you found Portland Internet Radio Group. We only use this information to keep track of operators interested in Portland Internet Radio Group.

 We also ask that you join The Portland Internet Radio Group Yahoo Group. You may do this by simply entering your e-mail address below.