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Portland Metro (Skyline - West Hills) 440.4500 MHz. PL 103.5 Hz.

Eastern and Mid Willamette Valley (Goat Mountain) 443.7000 MHz. PL 103.5 Hz.

Mount Hood  443.8750 MHz. PL 103.5 Hz.

Central Oregon (Grizzly Mountain) 444.175 MHz. PL 103.5 Hz. (Coming Soon)


Seaside  443.8750 MHz. PL 100.0 Hz.  (IRLP #3430 / EchoLink #723341)

    The N7PIR Repeater System provides excellent coverage to Portland and Vancouver Metro areas along with coverage in Mid and Southern Willamette Valley and Highway 26 corridor of Mount Hood by three (soon to be four) of the linked repeaters. Transmitting from high above the City of Portland in the West Hills, on 440.450 MHz. from the Cascade Range on 443.700 MHz and 443.875 MHz, the N7PIR Repeaters provides the Amateur Community with excellent sounding audio, dependably, and friendly users. N7PIR also as a "satellite repeater", on the Oregon Coast, in Seaside which, provides coverage in Seaside, Gearhart, and parts of Astoria and Cannon Beach. 

    One of the main purpose of the N7PIR Repeater System is to provide the Ham Community with open access (No special codes required) to the IRLP (Internet Radio Linking Project). (Echolink calls requires special access, both inbound and outbound, please see membership page for information)

The N7PIR Repeater Crew:

Mike Steiner K7QDX Trustee & Owner

John Moore KD7JWZ  IRLP Support & Control Operator

Rob Hoeye KD7OFU  IRLP & Radio Support

Brien Morris K7KSN Control Operator

Karl Ritchey K7KRL Control Operator

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