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The information on this page has been collected from various sites on the web. I decided that instead of having to go everywhere for stuff, I would post what I found here in one central location.

As I get time, I am consolidating information and combining pages. If you have anything that should be here, or you find any mistakes, please let me know!

Although a majority of the information was published or created several years ago, it is still viable and might keep you alive and un-embarassed.

SkyWarn is a program of the United States' National Weather Service (NWS). Its mission is to collect reports of localized severe weather. These reports are used to aid forecasters in issuing and verifying severe weather watches and warnings and to improve the forecasting and warning processes and the tools used to collect meteorological data.

It consists of a network of severe storm spotters that observe weather conditions and make reports of severe weather to their local NWS offices. These spotters are trained by personnel from the local NWS offices each spring in advance of the coming severe weather season. Although the NWS trains spotter groups, their organization is left to the local Emergency Management Director, or the local police or fire departments.

The menu on the left provides access to all the information I have collected, as well as links to several other sites with more info, training aids, contacts, etc.

General SkyWarn/Weather Information

First Thing! SPOTTER SAFETY! Don't Become a Statistic!

What do I report? But I'm Not a Ham Radio Operator!
Getting Started in Spotting Severe Weather Reporting
Thunderstorms and Severe Weather Spotting Winter Reporting Procedures
Wind Speeds & Hail Sizes on the fly Measuring Snowfall Amounts
NWS & ARRL Memorandum of Understanding

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