Brad's Scanner Radio Listening Page

I have been listening to the VHF and UHF Frequency bands in Jacksonville, Texas since 1986 with a Bearcat 200 scanner radio. Listening to local VHF and UHF communications has been very useful for monitoring dangerous weather situations. It was this activity that introduced me to ham radio.

East Texas Frequencies

If you have a sound card and have RealAudio installed, see these sites for scanner activity:

PoliceScanner (Dallas,TX and Los Angeles,CA)

Air Traffic Control (Dallas/Ft. Worth)

If you don't have RealAudio, click here for the software.

FCC Frequency Database

Another FCC Database

Scanner Pages (all with great links):

KC5KTO's Scanner Page

Mike's South Florida Scanning and DXing Page

Scanner and Radio Connections

Jason's South Dakota Scanner Radio Page

Law Enforcement Frequencies

Bell Howell

Brad Gillette's Scanner Equipment

Melbourne, Australia


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