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This page is dedicated to the interest in Amateur Radio. I became a ham radio operator in March 1992. You never know who you will talk to next. I have spoken to a few people who live near where my Mom grew up in Indiana. Small world, indeed!

I am a member of the Cherokee County Amateur Repeater Group. I will have a link to their site soon (I am designing the page).


I have some special operating interests on the ham bands that I pursue. On HF (3-30 MHz), I operate mostly on the 10 meter band (28-29.7 MHz). I also operate on the 2 meter FM band (145-148 MHz). I will soon be experimenting with the 6 meter band (50-54 MHz) mainly in the 50.0-50.3 MHz Single Sideband (SSB) region. I have an MFJ 6 meter QRP rig that came in the mail not long ago. Stay tuned for my adventures on 6 meters.


On this page are some links relating to my specific interests in ham radio. This page will no doubt expand as I try different bands and modes and also find other sites to link on this page. "Stay tuned."


Field Day 2000 (June 24-25, 2000) New!!

Contest Logs:

1998 ARRL Field Day

10 meters:

My 10-10 page


10-10 International


N5VAV's 10-10 Chat Page


6 meters:

Dave Booth's (KC6WFS) 6 Meter AM Page

N0EOQ/KA0NNO 6 Meter Page (Home of The Six Meter Amateur Radio "Klub" Page)

WD4HIM's 6 Meter Page


Other Links:

The American Radio Relay League (ARRL)


Amateur Radio Newsline


Callsign lookup (courtesy of

East Texas Repeaters (coming soon)

Links to other ham radio operators(courtesy of me, N5ZIS)

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