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Here are some web pages that I am trying to make available for all people (ham operators as well as those that may want to become ham operators). If you would like to be listed, please send me an e-mail. I will be more than happy to include your web address in this list. If you are on this page and don't want to be, then let me know.

Tom Randall, KB2SMS

Marshall (TX) ARC

Dayton Hamvention 1998

Chris Booth, KC6WFS

Tom Frazee, A45ZO





Bruce LeGrande-KB6LWN

Gateway Chapter 10-10 (Net: Wednesday at 8p.m., local CST, on 28.650 Mhz)

Curtis D. Levin, KD4ZKW

L.B. Cebik, W4RNL (Knoxville, TN)

Mike Hall, WB8ICN

Keith Pedersen, KE6FCT

Kevin Bishop, N8ZJN


Six Meter International Radio "Klub" (SMIRK)

Austin Kyser, KB9PCW



Lance Collister, W7GJ

Joe Lynch, N6CL

Paul Kelley, N1BUG


Pat Dyer, WA5IYX

Raymond Vrolijk, PB0ALN

Brian Short, K7ON



Tom and Jerry Chapter (10-10 International)(Net: 28.370 at 0030 UTC Wednesdays)

Ft. McCoy ARC

Eduardo Salom

Christopher Rumbaugh, KD6FIB

Ted Sarah, W8TTS

Mike Smith, VE9AA

Coreen Smith, VE9AAA

Don Weaver, K0NO

Robert Cathey, KA5VVD

AMSAT-Amateur Radio Satellite Operators

Space Houston on Ten (SHOT)

Pretoria Amateur Radio Club

Springbok Chapter 10-10 International

Tim Billingsley, KD5CKP

Jeremy Bisbo, KB1AWE

Westward Ho Chapter 10-10 International(Net: 28.440 MHz at 2359 UTC Sunday)

Dave Yanke, N9SSG


Stu Olson, N7QJP


Twin Cities Repeater Club (Burnsville, MN)

Pierre Jolin, VE2PIJ

Southeastern VHF Society (SVHFS)

Tom Mott, W2DRZ

W2DRZ #2

Rick McMillion, K6SIX

Bryn Howell-Pryce, G4ZHI

Christchurch VHF Group

New Zealand Six Metre Home Page

Paul Wade, N1BWT

Dianna Killeen, KB6NAN (Pescadero,CA)

John Peters, PE1OGF

Charles Osborne, WD4MBK


WSWSS Technical Conference Information


Mt. Airy VHF Radio Club


Ronald Bouthillier, N1OLF

Northern Lights Radio Society

Central States VHF Society

Dave All, N3XUD (Contest Web Page)

Paul Wade, N1BWT (#2)


Rein Smit, W6/PA0ZN

Wes Printz, W3SE

North American HSCW Home (PA0ZN)

Jim McMasters, KD5BUR

Bill All, N3KKM

Peter Day, G3PHO (Mirror #1) (Mirror #2)

Mary-Frances Bartles, KI0DZ

Steve Chandler, N9UIB

USAF Research Laboratory, Dan Warren

Del Schier, KD1DU

Jason Baack, N1RWY

Gabor Horvath, VE7DXG

North East Weak Signal Group

Pete Brunelli, N1QDQ

Jeff Francis, KC0BWS

Propnet, Ev Tupis

Keith Henderson, KT4VQ

N8VEA (Home of VHF-DX Logging Program)

Ron Klimas, WZ1V

PB0ALN (#2)

Michael Hiltner, VE3VRQ

Scott Rosenfeld NF3I & AAR3IB/T

Oklahoma Army MARS ( KC7ICM/AAM6TOK)


Bob Raymond, KG7WC

Ed Parsons, K1TR

George Fremin III (K5TR; Austin, TX)

Chuck Kronschnabel (KC7DH; Buxton, Oregon)


ROC Webpage (Jeff Stai, KQ6VQ)

James Kaplan, KG7FU (Eugene, OR)

Mike Toneri (VE3FGU; Keswick, ON)

Jay Hainline, KA9CFD (Colchester, IL)


Lloyd S. Smith, NX4W (Alachua, FL; County Hunter)

Rick Darwicki (County Hunter)

Craig Gernaey (WG6G)

Judson Ahern (W5JA; Norman, OK)

Gareth Crispell

Keith Schlottman, KI7RK

Bob Werner, KC4URW

Egbert Hertsen, ON4CAS / N1TOI

Dave Greig, N3BUO (Dallas, TX)

Link Sites:

Amateur Radio Usenet Groups

Amateur Links

WA9IAF's Links

KB8TNQ's Links

Tampa Bay ATV Society Amateur Radio Links

Amateur Radio Resources:

Mouser Electronics

CQ Magazine

Propagation Maps

Realtime Solar Watch

Auroral Activity Reporting Site

Propagation by AD5Q

QSL Manager Page

The Sign Man (QSL Cards)

Amateur Radio Trader

Automatic Packet Reporting System (APRS) Information

WWV Current A & K Measurements

Contesting Information


Down East Microwave


Beyond Infinity (Scanning & WWW Development)

Andrews Coax


Pacific Coast Parts Distributors, Inc.

VHF Logging Program

Ham Trader

Logging Resources (YGO and others)

Ham Radio Clipart

DX Cluster Gateway

Country Prefix List

Small Parts, Inc.

TenTec, Inc.

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