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KM5PO (previously KD5BUR) EM23wk
Jim McMasters, Author of "HSCW and Meteor Scatter ..." April,1998-QST
and "Two Meter DX - Anytime" Sept,1998-CQ VHF


High Speed C.W. via Meteor Scatter

Discover the excitement!

HSCW makes it possible to work DX on 144 Mhz at almost any time.

HSCW Speed   What does it sound like?

 o  RealAudio narrated recording. Free RealAudio plug-in available.

 o  Embedded .wav files. Go here if you don't have/want RealAudio.

Want to learn more about HSCW?

o  HSCW via Meteor Scatter - THE BASICS

o  Equipment needed for HSCW via MS

o  Important HSCW Web links

o  European/Perseids DX-peditions '98


Ham Radio and related projects - Click on thumbnails for larger image
KM5PO/r activates 4 grids in First Annual HSCW contest. Click for details. View from above KM5PO/4 during the SVHF Technical Conference in Atlanta, GA. April 3/4. Click for details.
HSCW Portable operation March 15, 1998 from EM32. Click here for details and many more photos. HSCW Interface box. Adds VOX simulation to your transciever. Pulls the PTT line whenever audio is present at mike jack input!
HSCW Portable KM5PO/5 March 28, 1998 from EM33. Click here for details and many more photos. Inside the VOX box. Series caps, 9V batt, Perf board for VOX circuit. Schematic available: Part 1 and Part2   
The Radio room in it's usual cluttered mess. Antennas. Some HF antennas not shown.
Hamcomm unit. Interfaces transceiver I/O audio to computer via serial port. Use Hamcomm for RTTY, AMTOR, SSTV, Long term recording. Has CW decode.
KB5WMY HT repeater controller. Very low cost. Very cool. Early KB5WMY repeater. Uses strictly audio and two HT's.
One VOX/repeater controller.See above for schematic. A twin VOX/repeater controller. FULL REMOTE LINK via UHF to your shack.
KM5PO Personal page and photo gallery

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