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Welcome to the 10-10 International Page of N5ZIS. My name is Brad Low and I am located in Jacksonville, Texas (Cherokee County). My 10-10 number is 62163 and was issued in 1992. I have been a ham radio operator since March 1992 and began my hamming "career" on 10 meters. I also look for contacts on other bands (mainly 20 meters and some of 40 meters), but I always seek contacts first on 10 meters because it is like a "home band." The operators are ALWAYS cordial and like to take time to talk to YOU. I am involved in a few chapters of 10-10 International and always look forward to contacting several stations every chance I get when the chapters have their weekly nets. Here are the chapters that I am involved with now (click on the hyperlink to go to the homepage of each chapter):


Steel City (I am #816 C)


Kansas Trails (I am #250CSWC)


Colorado Centennial (I am just now joining, so I don't have a number yet)


Blue and Gray


Crater Lake


Some 10-10 Member's Pages:

Tom Frazee, A45ZO (Muscat, Oman)

If anybody would like to contact me for a schedule to exchange numbers and chapter points, please send me an e-mail . I usually listen on 28.375 MHz or, if there are several paperchasers on 10 meters, 28.425 MHz is a good spot (a paperchaser gathering frequency).


Hope to hear from you soon. To learn more about 10-10 International and hamming on 10 meters, visit the 10-10 International Home Page.


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