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MATH - Mid-Atlantic Transmitter Hunters

The Mid-Atlantic Transmitter Hunters, or M.A.T.H., began as an group of friends that wanted to start an amateur radio club dedicated to direction-finding based in the Baltimore, Maryland area. We were dissatisfied with the anarchic way some t-hunts were organized in the past and decided to start a club with procedures in place to eliminate much of the confusion experienced with many of the hunts we had participated in.

Many times we had joined a t-hunt where the "fox" hid on private, posted property (sometimes within sight of the "No Trespassing" sign that should have given him/her a clue as to why the location was a bad choice) and caused a hunt to drag out to dusk. Other times, "foxes" (who were obviously bad sports) did not want to be found at all and would try such "tricks" as using a yagi for the transmitting antenna and spinning it so as to make it impossible for the average hunter who doesn't have a doppler system to find him. Also unruly "foxes" have changed power levels in the middle of a transmission. Once, a "fox" actually refused to talk on the radio to allow the hunters to get a bearing because he claimed he had already given us enough help and was tired.

Needless to say this kind of unsportsmanlike behavior turns many people away from t-hunting. M.A.T.H. has become a voice of sanity by developing rules and policies for t-hunts, many or them very lenient and subject to change if the situation warrants it.

M.A.T.H is not an incorporated club. We don't believe in that either. Incorporation means having a budget and club officers, politics and all the baggage that always turns friends into enemies. Speaking from my own experience and that of the two other founding members, we have dealt with four other ham radio clubs and all three set best friends at each others' throats over petty politics and power struggles. We refuse to let that happen.  To have a t-hunt sponsored by M.A.T.H., all one has to do is become a member, and then adhere to all the rules, unless exceptions have been made and announced before the hunt.

To become a member, see our page on becoming one, or just e-mail me at [email protected].

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