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441.100 MHz + 5 MHz shift PL 136.5

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            We want to thank all who have helped us with the building, testing, and support to get our repeater system up and running. Currently we have 12 repeaters operating on all  Amateur bands from 10 meters to 900 mhz.in the analog mode. We currently do not support APCO P25 digital communications.  Our repeaters are primarily Motorola Micor Continuous duty stations, with Motorola Spectra-Tac voting systems. We have multiple voting receiver sites, each with several input frequencies that gives our system consistent portable radio coverage to most of NYC, Coastal New Jersey, Southern Connecticut, and Long Island. We have emergency back up power on the 441.100, 145.23 and 447.625 transmitters for added protection in event of power failure. 

            On Staten Island, we have forty percent coverage primarily in the North Shore and East Shore along South Beach. We have not been able to find an associate with a viable local repeater to link into our network. Plans are in effect to cover Staten Island soon, with a station of our own design that is being sponsored by one of our friends
            The purpose of linking multiple repeaters and voting receivers is to enhance portable coverage. Our goal is to get close to 100% citywide coverage for portable radios. Mobile coverage would be considerably greater, due to power and antenna considerations.  We do not only envision our system as a diversion for rag chewing and hobby use, but as a viable alternative for our members to utilize in the event of another disaster, be it natural or man made. Our core body of system builders are Public Service professionals, Lance N2HBA, Nassau County Police Department, Tom NB2A, (retired) New York City Police Department and my self, N2ROW, New York City Fire Department all understand the importance of emergency communications. This is why we freely and openly offer our system to any Ham Radio organization such as ARES Amateur Radio Emergency Service, ARECS Amateur Radio Emergency Communications Service, RACES Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service, The Red Cross and the New York City Road Runners Club, just to name a few. Our system is there for those who ask to use it. We would like to have coverage all along the emergency escape routes from Long Island through New York including Staten Island and into New Jersey to Pennsylvania. If a major incident occurs within our area, civilians will be packing the major roadway out of the city. Currently few municipalities have interoperability, severely limiting their ability to communicate with each other. But with the help of dedicated Hams in each county and their respective OEM offices we should be able to help a great deal and assist in their efforts to move people out of the cities, and out of harms way.. HAMS have an enviable history of assisting the public in time of need or disaster. Current history recalls the Hurricane Katrina episode, where Amateur radio Communications were all that were functioning for several days after the onset of the storm.. Without ham radio, public safety efforts would have been severely limited, or impossible to coordinate.

            We are in need of equipment for Staten Island and the voting sites. Such as repeater antennas, filters, link radios and several deep cycle batteries for our sites, etc.

             If you feel it in your heart to donate money, equipment, repeater sites or even link into our network please do so. It would only help our efforts to assist the public.

            Those most of you who know me or Lance realize that we tell you to use the system as if it was your own. We don’t strong arm anyone to donate. Please feel free to use the network, donations are NOT required.

            If you would like to donate you can do so by PAYPAL on this web site or you can mail your donations to:.

Lance C Alfieri N2HBA
9 Audley Circle
Plainview NY 11803


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