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441.100 MHz + 5 MHz shift PL 136.5

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Battery Donation


            The network has lost 6 deep cycle marine batteries.
They have been in service since the summer of 2002 After the WTC 911. The main reason is to keep the repeaters running after power failure in which it will be a citywide emergency. A better explanation can be found under the donation tab on this web site. Currently we have four voting sites with new batteries, But our main HUB in the Bronx and the main repeater 441.100 has lost the batteries. If we would have a power failure, we would not be able to help out all the emergency organizations. Your donation are very much needed. We need to get the main repeater back up with emergency power ASAP. With the wind storm of March 8 which knocked out power around Staten Island and other parts of the City and State I thought we were about to get caught without our boots on. N2HBA, N2JDW, NB2A, WA2JNF, W2CMA, W2CJA, N2XBA, WB2SEB and my self have all come together to establish a network that no matter where you are in the city you should be able to get into the network. Whether its an emergency or just for fun. Remember we are a user group. WE ARE NOT SPONSORED OR RECOGNIZED OFFICIALLY by FDNY or the CITY of NY so for now they can not help us. The cost to be recognized and the paper work was to much for us to establish. Perhaps in the near future. FDNY has plans to use Amateur radio as back up soon so perhaps then. But for now we are on our own. If you feel it in your heart to donate for the battery fund please due we need your help. So we are sending out a MAYDAY, SOS. a signal
(FDNY Members 10-66), (PD Members 10-13).


HAMS are always available to help in an emergency

I want to thank the following HAMS for there generous donation toward the Emergency Battery fund:

KB2MPI William Dubovsky
N2CSI Carlos Chiossone   ARECS

NYC Transit Amateur Radio Club
WA2AXZ Robert Lobenstein for the K2IRT

John Tresner
Andrew Sutton
N2KIN,Dennis Wong
K2GLW Gordon Williams
Marc Mandel
Andrew Comas
Kevin Stone



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