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N1YLN's News Flash

N1YLN Has bought a 2002 Harley-Davidson Sportster Hugger. Click HERE to see what she looks like.

ARS N1YLN is now active on PSK31 and RTTY. If you want to sked a PSK or RTTY QSO with me just send me an email or ICQ note...

Check out pictures of my hometown, Southbury CT on www.southbury.org

N1YLN's Worked All States Award has arrived! I earned the basic certificate with the SSB endorsement. It is numbered 49,844...

N1YLN has created a webpage, N1YLN's New England Railroad Links Page. Check it often as I hope to make it a great resource for Railfans and RailHams in and around New England.

Here are a few pictures from N1YLN's PSK31 demo ate the Waterbury Radio Club in Prospect,CT:
Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6

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A Little About Me

"My name is Inigo Montoyo, you killed my father, prepare to di..." Oh no, wait, that isn't me.............

Ok now, Here's my bio........
My name is Ed O'Lena and I live in Southbury, CT which is in Northern New Haven County, FN31jl for all you VHFers out there. I've been an SWL since I was in High School in the mid 7's. I bought a used Lafayette shortwave receiver from a friend in school (I don't remember what model it was but it was a lot bigger than it had to be.) I listened to all kinds of Broadcast stations but I was hooked on the ham stuff. I started studying for my Novice. I was almost there but I got sidetracked. It was at this time when I got involved in CB radio. I bought a Pace 1B to feed a 5/8 Wave Radio Shack Ground Plane Antenna. I was Licensed as KJH8829 and stayed with CB until 199 when my daughter started to talk... I just couldn't let her hear that stuff.

I guess some things take awhile, in Jan. 1997 I passed my Tech License and was given the callsign N1YLN. In March I passed the 5 wpm for my Tech+. The blessed event came in April 1998 when I passed the 13wpm and the General exam. My HF rigs are an Icom IC-725 and a Swan 35 feeding a Multiband Dipole. I also have a NEW Icom T8A triband HT. If you need Connecticut for WAS or just to get a QSL from here, leave me a note and we can set up a sked (I'm QRV 16-1 meters on SSB/AM/CW/RTTY/PSK31)..

I'm married to a wonderful woman named Tammey (who coincidentally was the one who sidetracked me from my Novice studies in HS) and we have 3 children Megan, Brendan and Molly who all want to be hams.. I'm a Machinist for the Dresser Industries' Heise Instrument plant in Newtown. My hobbies are singing in church choir, hiking, helping restore old railroad cars at the Danbury Railway Museum and of course all aspects of our beloved hobby.

N1YLN would like to thank his Elmers

[my qsl]My QSL Card (22kb) [img of swan]Swan 35 (37kb) [img of me]Me (69kb)

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