N1YLN would like to thank the following hams who've helped him on his journey to "Hamdom"


Wayne, In 1978 or so I saw you working outside your house house and I stopped and asked you about your ham station. You took the time to show 18 year old your radios and antennas. It was my first tase of the hobby I love so much.


Dave, Thanks for all your help and encouragement but most of all for your patience with me as I was trying to get the code down enough to get to a test session. Thank you also for the guidance assembling the dipole and the help to put it up.. Oh yea, how can I forget the code practice occilator. I thought you had a lot of nerve giving me a pile of parts, a pc board and a schematic. You had faith in me that I could build it when I didn't.


Ed, I was very surprised the day you started working with me at Heise, A marker plate on the truck spelling out K1JNH. I think it was the very next day that I went out and bought the "Now You're Talking" book Thanks for jumpstarting me into a hobby I started so many years ago!


Albie, I am sure glad we met when you lived in Southbury. It was a pleasure to spend the hours studyind code together and our CW contacts on 10m while we backed it up on 2m simplex.. I'm happy we made our Tech. Plus and General together..

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Ed O'Lena
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