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We are an ARRL affiliated club.


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Due to the Covid-19 situation WARC meetings are cancelled untill the govermental agencies deem such meetings acceptable.  

2 Meter Repeater at the Firehouse

We have a repeater installed at the Firehouse.  Bill, W7YY and Jon, WA1PEI installed the former Monroe Repeater. The frequency is 146.835 with a negative offset. The PL Tone is 100.0.


Due to COVID-19 concerns W1LAS will NOT be hosting or operating FIELD DAY on June 27 -28, 2020. Individuals may operate from their homes or other locations under their own call signs.




Photo courtesy WA1SSB (c) 2012 WA1SSB


The Waterbury Amateur Radio Club meets at the Firehouse in Prospect.  The Firehouse is located on Route 69 1/8th  of a mile south of Route 68 in Prospect.


The club and webmaster can be contacted at this email address:


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[email protected]



Come to our Monthly Meetings!!

The Waterbury Amateur Radio Club meets on the third Monday of each month (Except December)  at the Firehouse in Prospect, CT, at 7:30 until 9:00PM EST.  The firehouse is located on Route 69 just 1/8th of a mile south of Route 68.


Take a look here for a few pictures from Field Day 2008


Visitors Welcome!

Our members do their best to make new members feel welcome.  Don't feel an invitation is needed to stop on by.  If you have just an interest in Amateur Radio, or you are a licensed amateur, stop on by and introduce yourself.  If you feel you need an invitation, send the webmaster an email, and I will personally invite you.

The WARC was established to form camaraderie amongst fellow Amateur Radio enthusiasts serving the Greater Waterbury Area and its surrounding district. The objects and Bylaws of the club are published, and available to view and download here.  The club is a vehicle for all to get together and further the interest of Amateur Radio through discussion, presentation, experimentation and training.



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