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Interested in Amateur Radio (Ham)

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There are ageing Hams and new/young Hams are Needed
Amateur Radio may be loosing Uniqueness
We Hams are Dependable
If all Electrical Power goes out What Have you got?
No Tv No Analog Phones No Puters No Cell Phones
(Cell Phones operate through/to a Terminal)
No Electrical Power to Power the Terminal
There would Only be Prepared Hams Moble Hams Law Enforcment and Military
All Battery/moble/Generator Powered
Hams are Still Unique as Volunter Emergency Communications

How to Become a Ham
Links to Amateur Radio
 KK6YO Ham Radio
 G7EXO's Ham Radio
 Call book and Rotor
W W Ham call Server
Callsign Data Base
US Callsign Lookup


 Weekly Cartoon



Updated Mar 9th 2001



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