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The Borneo DXpedition wraps up!

Happy 4th Birthday
New Shack! 
November 8, 1999 - November 8, 2003

Alfons and Doris celebrate the 4th anniversary of the "new" 9M6AAC shack on Nov 8, 2003!

Senny 9M6IQ and Stephen 9M6ET celebrate the anniversary with us!

Honored guests at the celebration: Standing Alfons 9M6US and Jani 9M6US/YB0US
Sitting: Stephen 9M6ET, Peter G4MJS, Bob N2OO/9M6OO

Senny serves up some "Steamboat" for the celebration! Amanda and Stephen look on...

Bob and Marc... a worker at Hillview Gardens. Doesn't Marc look like a small "The Rock"?
Can you smell what The Rock is cookin'?

Marc shows off his one year old son Jesse!



Jani keeps a careful watch on the Sabah Electric men trying to help us locate a line noise problem down the road from 9M6AAC.

My photo finally adorns the shack wall at 9M6AAC.

Doris and Alfons at the CQ Bar and Lounge

Chow and Nancy at the CQ Bar and Lounge

Visit to 9M6CS  Nov. 11th

Nancy says "Come and eat!"

On Nov 11th we visited Nancy and Chow (9M6CS). Nancy prepared a fabulous cake for dessert!

Here is the CAKE !  Yummmmm!



The final set of pictures....

Three more views of the Hillview Gardens 9M6AAC towers...
l to r: The main tower with a HyGain 2 element 40 meter beam on top and a Cushcraft 4 element 20 meter beam below.
The second tower has stacked 6 meter M2 7 element beams (shown pointing in 2 directiosn) with A3W WARC beam below.
The third tower is the "Rafflesia Tower" holding the Force 12 C3.

Farewell Hillview! Bob has one last Tiger Beer at the now world famous CQ Bar and Lounge!

Farewell Keningau... the view of Keningau from the deck at Hillview. Spectacular as usual!

A very special thank you to Alfons, Doris and the children... Brenda, Jason, Michelle, Brenden for making our month at Hillview so very memorable.
Special thanks to the staff at Hillview: Marc, Jenny, Eya, Aning, Atang, Jack, Noli, just to name a few.
Goodbye Sabah... "Land Below the Wind"!
Hope to come back soon!

Bob Schenck, N2OO/9M6OO

Selamat Datang ke Keningau!


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Updated November 12, 2003