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Links - Equiment etc. Vendors

Links to Manufacturers and Vendors

1296 MHz EME Equipment by KB2AH

A/D Technologies Inc - repeater controllers.

ADI Radio - Premier Communications - Radios, antennas, and accessories.

Advanced Digital Systems - Georgia ham dealer.

Alinco Electronics, Inc. - Amateur radio manufacturer.

All Electronics Corp. - Electronics surplus, Van Nuys, CA.

Almost All Digital Electronics - Hobbyist supplys, kits, and more.

Amateur Electronic Supply - Milwaukee, WI.

Ameritron, Inc. - RF Amplifier manufacturer.

Angle Linear - Preamps, RF engineering, and more.

Antenna manufacturer

Artsci Publishing - Publisher of repeater guides, radio modification books, and other radio related materials.

Associated Radio - Overland Park, KS.

Atlantic Ham Radio - Canadian Amateur Radio Dealer

BMG Engineering, Inc. - Radio direction finding information and supplies.

Bencher, Inc. - Manufacturer of paddles, keys, and Butternut antennas

Burghardt Amateur Center - Watertown, SD.

Burnaby Radio Communications - Canadian Amateur Radio sales

C3I - Repeater accessory modules

CSI - Connect Systems Inc. - Manufacturer of repeater control systems, and telephone interconnect systems.

Cable X-Perts, Inc. - Wheeling, Il.

Carrier Communications - tower space and 2-way equip.(CA)

Centaur Electronics - Baluns...

Comet/NCG Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.

Computer Automation Technology - Repeater controllers and accessories.

Cubex Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.

Cushcraft Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.

D.R. Components - IC's and Semiconductors

Dallas Semiconductor - IC manufacturer.

Denver Amateur Radio Supply - Stevens, PA.

Digi-Key Corporation - Electronics supplier

Down East Microwave Inc. - VHF/UHF/SHF Equipment and Parts.

Dunestar Systems - RF filters, antenna switching and coupling phasing devices.

Durham Radio Sales and Service

Eimac - RF power tube manufacturer

Electronix Express - electronic components test equipment tools

FF Systems - High-end Repeater controllers

Force 12 Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.

Gap Antenna Products, Inc. - Antenna manufacturer.

Glen Martin Engineering - Tower manufacturer.

Grove Enterprises - Receiver and Scanner sales.

Hal Communications Corp. - Data communications products.

Ham Radio OnLine Magazine Commercial Resource List

Ham Radio Outlet - Danville, CA.

Ham Radio Outlet's new product pages

Ham Station - Evansville, IL.

HamTrader - Amateur Radio Swap & Shop

Hamtronics - VHF/UHF radio equipment.

Harbach Electronics - Supplier of parts, and upgrade kits for Heathkit amplifiers.

Hewlett Packard

High Sierra Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.

Hy-Gain Antennas - Antenna manufacturer.

ICOM America, Incorporated - Radio manufacturer.

Industrial Metal Supply Co. - Aluminum and metals supplier, Southern California.

Intermod Solutions

International Radio - Crystal filter supplier.

JPS Communications, Inc. - Communications accessories.

JUN'S Electronics Home Page - Culver City, CA

Kantronics Co., Inc. - TNC manufacturer.

Kenwood Communications Corporation - Radio manufacturer.

Link Communications, Inc. - Repeater and link control systems.

Lowe Electronics Limited - U.K. Radio sales.

M2 Antennas - Antennas and accessories.

MFJ Enterprises, Inc. - Lots of radio products.

Maverick Communications - Colorado ham dealer.

Max-Gain Systems, Inc. - Fiberglass products, Marietta, GA.

Metal & Cable Corp., Inc. - Metal and cable supplier, Twinsburg, OH.

Mirage Communications Equipment - Amplifiers.

Molex Incorporated - Connector manufacturer.

Motron Electronics - DTMF and TxID products.

Mouser Electronics - Electronics supplier.

Muir Communications Ltd. - Victoria B.C. Ham Dealer

Norham Radio - Canadian Amateur Radio Dealer - Toronto.

Oak Hills Research - Tranceiver kits and accessories.

PacComm Packet Radio - Packet radio systems.

Peter W. Dahl Co. - Transformers and more.

PolyPhaser Corporation - Lightning protection products.

R.F. Electronics - 500W and 1KW amplifier kits.

R.L. Drake - Amateur radio manufacturer.

RF Applications, Inc. - RF power and VSWR indicators.

RF Components Inc. - Miami FL dealer

RF Connection - Connectors and coax.

Radio City Inc. - Minnesota Amateur radio dealer.

Radio Progressive Montreal Inc. - Ham Dealer

Radio Works - Portsmouth, VA.

Ray Sarrio Co. Catalog and Ham opinion poll

Richardson Elecronics, Ltd. - Electronics supplier, La Fox, IL.

Rohn Products - Towers and accessories.

Ross Distributing Company - Preston, ID.

Rotor Doctor - Rotators, parts, and service, Pemberville, OH.

SGC, Inc. - Radio manufacturer.

SHF Microwave Parts Co.

3SSB Electronic USA - VHF/UHF/SHF Equipment and Parts.

Shoestring Antennas - Quad and wire antenna manufacturer.

Solder-it Company - Soldering supplies.

Sommer Antennas - Antenna manufacturer

Special Communications Systems

Surplus Sales of Nebraska - Surplus electronics supplier, Omaha, NE.

Svetlana Products - RF tube manufacturer.

TEN-TEC Home Page - Radio manufacturer.

TUCKER Electronics - New and Reconditioned Test Equipment.

Texas Towers - Plano, TX.

Tigertronics Inc - mini-TNC's for Packet and multimode

Times Microwave Systems - Transverters, kits, and accessories.

Timewave Technology - DSP filters, TNCs and other accessories.

Top Ten Devices, Inc. - Band data decoders and antenna switching systems.

Universal Radio, Inc. - Reynoldsburg, OH.

W & W Associates

W9XT Contest Card - Voice keyer and CW interface

Yaesu UK - Amateur radio products.

Yaesu USA home page

ZJ Electronics


BTL - Blaster Teletype software - RTTY software using soundblaster cards.

DATOM Engineering - Home of NA contest software and more.

DX4WIN Windows based DX and logging software

DXtreme Software - Logging software.

DeLorme high quaility Maps

F6FBB Packet BBS - Packet BBS system.

HAMCALC RFTOOLS - from UHA's EE Technology page

HF-Fax Software - Fax, and SSTV software.

Ham University - Software for FCC written and Morse Exams.

Interflex Software - KAgold/PKgold tnc software.

LOGIC 4.03 Logging - Personal Database Applications

LOGPlus! - Logging Software

LOGic - Logic Windows logging software.

LogSat Professional - Satellite tracking software.

OH2GI-Ham System - Contesting and logging software system.

Pile Up! -CW training software for Win95

Prolog logging software - Logging software.

Swisslog logging software - Logging software.

Weather Imaging Software

Weblint (German)

XMLog - Freeware logbook system