On this site , i will show you some of my friends




LX0HQ-Team 2001

LX4B-Team in IARU Contest


my friends in SP-Land

ON4WZ Geert and family

SQ9UM and SQ9IET in LX

LX5A in SPDX Contest


10Mtr ARRL Contest


        ON4XA-Xavier, ON4WZ-Geert and me                        LX1AQ Phil                                  Jan from Aruba             



LX1RQ- Robert(R.I.P) and DF7ZS-Helmut



LX8M WPX-SSB-Team 2006


       LX2A Philippe                                                           DK9VZ- Wolfgang                                                  LX2HB-Bart           





The next pictures was from the LX/PA6Z activation in 2006

in 1 week more as 15000 qso's great job mates





Tilo, wenn das hier deine YL sieht..:-))


 ach immer dieses Einstellen .....

IImmer diese Einstellungen,grrrr    


                                                        Helmut lernt noch dazu                                                         CQ CQ 2 Meter PKT         




              CQCQCQ                     Hör Nix                       Bitte lächeln                      Prosit                               Equipment                       Collection               



                                                                                 Guckst du ????      Mast weg???        TH6DX            Und was nun ??  


                                                                                                         Wäscheleine????              Nööööö, Spiderbeam hoch hinaus



                                                                                             Abbau                    Wer hat den PL gestohlen??





      Uff, Pause          Log OK??           Rufen Manfred, Rufen    Was , wie , wo??   Ahh ja ok 59..                     Aber Jetzt  2x CQ Contest      





CQ Cornflakes!!    im Kabelsalat       LX1KQ in Action          Nee!!JAbla bla                 Prosit Lou und Jos              



                                                                                            Calibrating            Mahlzeit                    War's zuviel??


                                                                                    LX1EC on HF??           Nööö, cq 2 meter              LX1IF


LX0HQ 2007

Team 10, 20, 80mtrs band

CQWW SSB 2007with K51 meeting


                                                                                 LX1HP                LX1UH              LX1IF









                                                                                           ACTION           KABELSALAT           DINNER-TIME



    Test Test


                                                                                                      CONTEST ACTION

Bowling Event  Hamfriends North -LX

On a saturday night , some friend meet together on the bowling center in Heiderscheid , to have a bit fun on bowling party , and after 2 hours of game , we had a good food together

here some pictures of this nice event





I will thank's again the hole group for this nice party

crazy team , and  party non stop :-))


New contest QTH

since this summer , i decide to use a new contest QTH(in JN39BW), but we will have a lot of work there , because all time when we use , we do need to reinstall all antennas , but for crazy contester, it will be a normal job , and also there is enough place to do it . see nome some pictures of it , with some people who was there on the place .



Boris DJ3JO in 2 meters Macaroni contest (cw) :-)


2 bedrooms on 1st floor , 1 with a single and a double bed , 2th with a single bed


The place to build antennas behind my car

The house , little , but nice and cheap and place for 4-6 people inside

LX8M in CQWW CW 2008

again , nice party , good op's, nice location

thanks to all of you
Operator(s): DK4WD, DK8FD, DL5SE, SP5HNK (YL), SP5OXJ, SP5UAF, SQ6MS
Station: LX8M

Class: M/M HP
QTH: Poul
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs  Zones  Countries
  160: 1309    16       72
   80: 1867    25       99
   40: 2412    35      133
   20: 1195    32      118
   15:  243    22       75
   10:   41     3       16
Total: 7067   133      513  Total Score = 7,231,324

Club: Bavarian Contest Club

Comments: from tom :

At first we (Polish part of the team) planned a small, light contest expedition
to HB0. We started to organize it over three months before the contest but we
were not able to find a QTH. As we wanted very much to go somewhere I emailed
to Joel LX1ER (I know Joel from my prevois visit to LX in 2002). Joel answered
very quickly and he found a QTH for us. We decided to use this QTH at once.
After some days Joel let us know there is a group of German HAMs going to do
exactly the same. So we decided to join our teams. Very soon from a ligh
operation it became quite a big project (if you could see the number of
euipment packed to a car you would not believe it).

We were located in Poul, near Vianden. The QTH has a lot of room for antennas
and the owner who is very friendly for HAMs. However there are no antennas
there so we had to build everything from the background. We started on
Wednesday morning and worked very hard for three days (in snow and fog).
Finally we built inverted L for 160m (10 radials), vertical for 80m (10
radials), 2el vertical for 40m (12 radials for each element), two spiderbeams,
vertical R7000 and also some beverages and K9AY (2 el). Thanks to the splitters
brought by Dan DL5SE we could use all receiving antennas on 160, 80 and 40

We had four stations running all the time: 2xFT-1000MP, TS-850 and IC-756PRO.
Three power apmplifiers had about 600-700 Watts, the fourth (used on 40m) had
about 1kW.

We used DX Cluster connected via Packet but after some time we had problems
with connection so we used GPRS.

The QTH is very good for operation, almost no QRM. We could hear many
multipliers but many of them were very hard to work with 600W. Especially on
low bands calling a multiplier required a lot of time. So finally we decided to
rather call CQ.

So in the end our score lacks multipliers but the number of concacts is quite
good. We think that it is a good score for a station which was built in three
days completely from the background by a team which met for the very first
time. What is very important in that story (perhaps more important to a score)
is that we met new friends, real friends. Our hobby is really great and builds
friendship among people.

The contest operation would not be possible without the help of Bart LX2HB and
especially Joel LX1ER (who is one of the most friendly HAMs I ever met).

We are almost sure that we are the only one team which was visited by Santa
Claus. It was Joel who came to the QTH dressed completely like a Santa Claus
and brought gifts (sweeties) for all of us.

On Monday after the contest all the antennas were put down and everything was
packed to cars. In the afternoon we had a great party prepared by Joel in his
QTH. On the Monday evening the last members of the team left the QTH of Poul
where we operated from. We hope to come back there again. Possibly with the
same team.

Thanks to all who called us.




the  team


Maciek, Donata(nikname Danuta :-),Mathias(nikname Walter:-)),Bart;Jacek, Alex, Dan

in front , the ice-snowman Tomek



                                                       is this northpole, or lx?            hihi, Danuta and Walter:-)                               Tomek, this is the right buttom!!




                                                                                 real or is it a dream??                                        Sankt Nikolaus , no dream !! 



after contest meal ,in my house


This was my first contest with home made antennas . working great , and without problems on it

Thank's to DJ9VA for helping on antennas , LX1EA  for the Amplifier , LX1HP and LX2HB to be there the long w-e to help me in building ,

also for LX1HP , it was a nice w-e , he made his first qso's on rtty with his radio :-))))

Bart, now it is on your tour to do something lollll




we had a wonderful week-end , also our result is not so bad , in the top 15 from the world ...


Normaly, our Friend Ekki (DF4OR) must be with us , but do to medical visits he was not able to be . Ekki , we will do it again , and you are with us :-)



links qsl's my contests and awards pictures

and again a nice contest as fieldday style



Cqww ssb 2013 together with DF2SD



Cqww ssb 2014

this was a funny week-end with the radio club from Leuven