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The Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association serves the amateur radio community in Mid-Michigan with five repeaters. We are a non-profit organization, affiliated with the Central Michigan Amateur Radio Club.

The 145.39 repeater is located in Okemos, the 146.70 and 146.94 repeaters are located near downtown Lansing, and the 224.98 repeater is located near downtown Lansing. We are also responsible for maintaining the 145.47 repeater, which is located in Onondaga. This repeater is part of the W8HVG linked repeater system, which is a network of repeaters covering most of Western Michigan.

The UHF control unit for the 145.39 repeaters This past year there has been extensive work on our repeaters. The primary repeater in the area, 145.39, has a fully functional backup repeater ("Repeater B") which can be remotely controlled and activated, if necessary. A picture of the UHF control unit is located at left.

All of the other repeaters now also have backup repeaters that can be activated remotely.

Ingham Regional Medical Center We are fortunate to have access to very good repeater sites. The 146.70, 146.94, and 224.98 repeaters are all located at Ingham Regional Medical Center, near downtown Lansing. LCDRA has enjoyed a relationship with this hospital for many years. A remote receiver for the W8HVG linked repeater system is also located at this hospital.

The 145.47 repeater is located on WILX TV-10's broadcast tower, which is located in Onondaga. The antenna is up around 500-ft.

WKAR TV-23 broadcast tower The 145.39 repeater, which is the most widely used repeater in our area, is located on the WKAR TV-23 broadcast tower, in Okemos. The antenna is up around 500-ft. This repeater has excellent coverage across all of Mid-Michigan. It is used for all Skywarn weather nets in the area.

Click here for pictures of the Ingham Regional Medical Center site.

All of the repeaters in Lansing require a 100.0-Hz PL tone for access. If you do not have a PL-capable radio, then dial 3, 2, 5 on your keypad to turn off the PL.

Upcoming Meetings

LCDRA holds its meetings quarterly, on the third Thursday of the month at 7:00 PM. Meetings are held at Lansing Fire Station number 8, located near the Red Cross in Lansing.

Upcoming Events


LCDRA Meeting

July 21, 2005

LCDRA Meeting

October 20, 2005

LCDRA Meeting

January 19, 2006

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings, and learn more about the organization, and the repeaters that we maintain. If you need directions, try calling on the 145.39 repeater before the meeting, and someone may be able to assist you.

Contact Information

If you would like to contact LCDRA, our mailing address is:

    Lansing Civil Defense Repeater Association
    P.O. Box 70052
    Lansing, Michigan 48908

Or, you may email us at [email protected]. We would be happy to hear from you, and answer any questions you may have.

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