LCDRA REPEATERS: 146.70, 146.94, 224.98

These repeaters are located at Ingham Regional Medical Center, near downtown Lansing.
A remote receiver for the 145.47 repeater is also located here.
The antennas are located on a small tower on the roof of the hospital.

The primary 146.70 and 224.98 repeaters.
The 146.70 repeater uses a CAT300 controller, and the 224.98 repeater uses a CAT200.

The backup 224.98 repeater ... the old Maggorie.

The primary 146.94 repeater, with CAT300 controller.

The backup 146.94 repeater, with CAT300 controller.

The UHF control station for the 146.70, 146.94 and 224.98 repeaters.
This control station allows the repeaters to be remotely controlled, and it also allows
switching between the various primary and backup repeaters.

Duplexers for the 146.70 repeater.

Duplexers for the 146.94 repeater.

Various feedline coming in from the antennas. All hardline.

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