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The Los Banos Amateur Radio Club (LBARC) was founded to serve the local Los Banos community and surrounding Merced County in the event of a disaster. We also provide communication services for local events such as Fairs, Parades, Walkathon's and other activities.

LBARC has a very unique opportunity in Los Banos as community officials strongly support our efforts to develop an emergency services function. The emergency group in Atwater/Merced has folded with the demise of Castle Air Force Base and LBARC is the only active unit in the West Side of Merced county. We have also received preliminary interest from the Mariposa Sheriffs department and the Merced county Sheriffs department.

Requires Acrobat Reader Current "Frequency" - Club Newsletter

AD6AA - Mike Germino, Club President
KG6NUO - Dave Anderson, Webmaster, Club Vice-President
Los Banos Amateur Radio Club

Last Updated: Monday, January 25, 2010

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