Radioamatørklubben P35

The TX8G QSL-card. Photo by FK8HC Franck, lay out LA9GY.

The first QSL-cards will be sendt from Trondheim, Norway in week 19 or 20 (2001).

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FK-DX Group in New Caledonia

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LA5IIA operated from New Caledonia with the call TX8G.

From 24th to 31st of March and April LA5IIA Johnny Johansen operated from Noumea in New Caledonia with the call TX8G. He teamed up with FK8HC, FK8GM and FK8FI to operate the CQ WPX SSB contest, using the call TX8G. In addition to the multi-multi-class operation in the WPX contest, Johnny operated on CW, mostly WARC and lowband and some RTTY.

The team worked 8600 QSO's

The 10- and 40-meter yagis. 270 degrees of the takeoff were over the sea, and the QTH were 50 meter above the sealevel making this a perfect location for EU, US and JA.

The TX8G-operators from left: Eric FK8GM, Johnny LA5IIA, Franck FK8HC and John "the trainee".


Direct QSL for TX8G via LA9GY.

LA9GY Morten Antonsen
Hallsetreina 6

QSL to TX8G via buro to LA8G.

Johnny (LA5IIA) and Franck (FK8HC) operating 15- and 10-meter in the WPX-contest.


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