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Hallicrafters manufactured an extensive line of transmitters, beginning with the HT-1 in 1937. Many of their models were used nearly exclusively by the military. Innovation was the hallmark of the transmitter products, such as the phasing HT-37 and HT-44 designs.

HT-1 Transmitter. This is Hallicrafters first transmitter and is built like a tank. All steel cabinet, a sheet metal triumph. Modes: AM, CW. Power: 100W CW, 50W AM out. Seven transformers it weighs 115 lbs.& is 30"w x 20"d x 12"h. Three bands 10M, 20M and 40M, crystal controlled, 14 tubes: (2) 866-A's, (4) 6l6G's, (1)6J5, (2) 5Z3's, (1) JAN-CRP-80, (1) JAN-CAGH-3B28, (1) 814 (RK-47) = PA. Production Year 1938-39.
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HT-2 Transmitter. Any 3 bands 160-10 mtrs. Mode: CW. PA RK47. Power: 100W CW out. Conists of RF section of HT-1. Production Year 1938-39. qa

HT-2A Military HF/VHF radio set. Solid-state (early transistorized circuitry) 19 transistors, squelch and volume controls. 0.5 watts RF output, operates on two crystal controlled frequencies, one in the 27 - 40 Mhz Band - and one in the 118 - 135 Mhz Band (aircraft band) in AM mode. Dual conversion receiver. This is an Military RADIO SET supplied by the Green Berets in Vietnam to the Montagnard tribesmen for the "Village Network" to keep track of Viet Cong troop and supply movements in the early 1960's (prior to the main build-up of U.S. Forces). This radio is in a rugged aluminum case, squelch and volume controls, built-in long telescopic antenna, external antenna jack, and PTT (push-to-talk) switch on the side. Powered by 8 size "D" batteries or through ext. battery jack. There are no manufacturer's markings on the radio itself to prevent tracing it to the U.S. SF Military Advisors in Southeast Asia. But, it was designed and built by HALLICRAFTERS. qa

HT-3: 50 Watt Marine Transceiver. VFO Receive 550-1700kHz, and 1.9-3.1MHz, Xtal Xmit. 14 tubes. Production Year 1938. qa

HT-4F (BC-610H): AM/CW Transmitter, 120-15 Meters. Circa W.W.II manufactured for US Signal Corps by hallicrafters. 250TH final modulated with PP 100TH's{class b}. Link coupled output {plug-in coils}, Band switched exciter, Remote audio driver{BC-614}. The HT-4 was produced in versions HT-4 and HT-4A to HT-4F. About 50" High, 600lbs. Production Year 1938-45.
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HT-5: This is the speach amplifier driving 2 watts AF into the modulator of HT-4. Production year 1938-45. qa

HT-6: 8-Tube 25W AM/CW Transmitter 160-6 meters. XTAL w/Plug-ins. 807 as PA. Production Year 1939-45.
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HT-7: Selfcontained Crystal-Controlled Freq Standard/Calibrator, markers every 10, 100 or 1000kHz over frequency range 1-30MHz. Production Year 1939-45.
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HT-8 "The Cruising" - 12 Tube, 25 Watt Marine Radio. Crystal controlled. PA 807. Production Year 1939.
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HT-9: 14 Tube, 75/100 Watt AM/CW Amateur Transmitter. 5 frequency phone and CW unit (75Watts phone). Coil sets for 120, 80,40, 20 and 10 meter amateur bands. Weight 165lbs. Production Year 1939 (black), 1944 (gray).
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HT-11: Marine Radio Telephone. 12W 3ch. crystal controlled AM transmitter 1.5 - 2.9 MHz, VFO tuned receiver 550 - 1600kHz and 2.1 - 2.9MHz. 11 tubes. Production year 1939-1941
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HT-12: Marine Radio Telephone. 50W 10ch. crystal controlled AM transceiver 2 - 3 MHz, 18 tubes. Production year 1940-1942
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HT-17: Amateur Transmitter. 25W crystal controlled CW transmitter 80-10 mtr with plug in coils and X-tals.
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HT-17a: Amateur Transmitter. 25W crystal controlled CW transmitter 80-10 mtr with plug in coils and X-tals. qa

HT-18: 7-Tube, 4 Watt AM/CW/NBFM Amateur Transmitter (exciter), 6L6 as PA. 7 bands 3.5-29.7MHz. Production Year 1947-49.
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HT-19: 10-Tube, 125 Watt CW/NBFM (AM provisionally) Amateur Transmitter. Production Year 1948. qa

HT-20: 11-Tube, 100 Watt, 10 Freq Xtal Xmitter 1.7-30MHz. Production Year 1950-53. qa

HT-21: "Little Phone" Hand Carry. Full two watt antenna output. Complete, self-contained 2-way radio-telephone station. AC/batteries. 22 sub-miniature tubes. HT-21 25-50MHz, HT-22 150-174MHz. Production Year 1952-57. qa

HT-23: "Little Phone" Central Station. Same performance and specifications as "Littlephone" Hand Carry. HT-23 25-50MHz, HT-24 150-174MHz. Production Year 1952-57. qa

HT-30: The Hallicrafters HT-30 was the first single sideband transmitter built by the company. This 22 tube transmitter/exciter features a filter-type SSB generator, output is 35 watts CW, 35 watts PEP SSB, and 9 watts A.M. It has full band switching, selectable side band, full metering, and a built in calibrated VFO. The driver tube is a 12BY7 and the final tubes (2) are 6146. Power source is 120 VAC. Styled as the companion to the popular Hallicrafters SX-100 receiver. Production Year 1954-56.
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HT-31: 330 Watt 4-tube Amateur Linear Amplifier. Production Year 1954-56. qa

HT-32: Amateur Transmitter 80-10 meters, 20-tubes. 100W SSB and CW, 25W AM. Production Year 1957-58.
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HT-32A: Amateur Transmitter, 20-tubes. Same as HT-32 plus FSK and push to talk. Production Year 1958-59.
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HT-32B: AM, CW and SSB Transmitter, 20-tubes. 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 Meters. 144 Watts PEP (2 x 6146's). Front panel controls: Operation-power on/off, standby, Mox., Cal., Vox.,-PTT. Audio level 0-10, R.F. level 0-10, Final tuning 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. Function-LSB, USB, DSB, CW., driver tuning 0-5, Band selector 80, 40, 20, 15, 10. Gear driven VFO. Microphone, Key and Headphone monitor jacks. 20"W x 10 1/2" H x 17"D,. 86lbs. Production Year 1960-64.
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HT-33: Amplifier. Legal limit, 80M 40M 20M, 15M, 10M coverage. 7 tubes. Uses a pair of 4CX300A radial beam tetrodes in the output. Front panel contols: Meter selector, filiment switch, high voltage switch, bias adjustment, band switch, plate tuning and load tuning. Pi-network output matches 40 to 80 ohms. 20"W x 10 1/2" H x 17" D, 130lbs.Production Year 1957-58. qa

HT-33A: The Hallicrafters HT-33A Amplifier was a real power house amplifier. The HT-33A used a Penta Labs PL-172 Pentode with a rated plate disipation of 1500 watts. This Behemoth weighs in at 120 Lbs. The Hallicrafters HT-33A was manufactured in 1958 and sold for $795.00.
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HT-33B: 1K Watt 9-tube Amateur Linear Amplifier. Same as HT-33A plus separate RF output meter and cosmetic changed front panel. Production Year 1960-64. qa

HT-37: This transmitter is a 18-tube AM-CW-SSB 80 through 10 meter transmitter/exciter. It was manufactured to have a power output of 70 to 100 watts CW or SSB, and 17 to 25 watts AM. This radio features include phasing-type side band generator, output meter, VOX, full band switching, and VFO. The driver tube is a 12BY7 and the final amplifer is a pair of 6146s. (Companion units to this would the the HT-41 linear amplifer and the SX-111 receiver). Production Year 1959-62.
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HT-40 Transmitter. Crystal controlled 75 watt.AM/CW 80-6 Meters. 6DQ5 output. Front panel controls: Function (AC off, tune, standby, AM, CW), band selector (80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6), drive control, plate tuning, plate loading, crystal/VFO (external), grid current, meter, AC indicator, RF output. Matching unit to the SX-140 receiver and HA-5 VFO. Production Year 1961-63.
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HT-40A: 4-tubes classic ham radio Novice transmitter. CW only, 75 watts plate input, 80-6 meters, crystal control. Production Year 1961-63.

HT-41: 4-tube Amateur Linear Amplifier, input drive 20-60W. This amp uses a pair of 7094 RCA tubes to produce 1200 watts max SSB 700 watts max CW and 350 watts max AM 80M to 10 Meters. Matching HT-37. Weight 85 pounds. Production Year 1961.
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HT-44: The Hallicrafters HT-44 Transmitter was part of of the trend to smaller radios. As a companion transmitter for the SX-117 receiver, it could be used as a separate unit or a transeiver. The HT-44 used 17 tubes totally, 2 6DQ5 tubes in the final and had an output power of 100 watts. The Hallicrafters HT-44 Transmitter was manufactured in 1962 and sold for $379.50. The companion PS-150 power supply & speaker sold for $99.50.
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HT-45 80-10M using a 3-400Z, suggest 45 watts drive. 1000 watts input. Grounded grid Class B. 15W x 13D x 8H, 25 lbs. Production Year 1963-64.
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Loudenboomer (HT-45): PA amplifier manufactured in the early 60's by Radio Industries of Kansas City and was the predecessor of the Hallicrafters HT-45. 80-10M using a 3-400Z, suggest 45 watts drive. 1000 watts input. Grounded grid Class B. 15W x 13D x 8H, 25 lbs. Production Year 1963-64.
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HT-46 9 tube Transmitter/Exciter that was designed to be used with the SX-146 Communications Receiver, or as an Exciter for the HT-45, HT-33B, HT-41 or others. It utilizes nine tubes and will transmit SSB or CW on 80,40,20,15 and 10 meters(28.0-29.0), coverage of 29.0-30.0 would require the addition of two more crystals at a cost of about $7.50 each. It can be used as a "stand alone" unit or in combination with just about any other receiver. It has PTT, Amplified Automatic Level Control, Mechanical/Temperature Compensated VFO, Constant Tuning Rate on All Bands, Solid State Modulator with 9 Mhz, 6-Pole Crystal Lattice Filter for Optimum SSB Response, Large Meter for Easy Viewing, 70-100W PEP Output on All Bands, Mechanical Dial Calibrator, Keyed RF Carrier for CW Operation with Shaping Network in Keying Circuits and Illuminated Meter and Main Dial. Transmitter uses a 12BY7 driver and a 6HF5 power amplifier. Production Year 1965.
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