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HT-32B. Preferred by the most experienced amateurs for SSB/AM/CW operation because of advanced features ... beamswitching modulator with unusually high carrier suppression stability-CTO direct reading in kc., and complete 10-meter coverage,

FEATURES. Beam-deflection, high level sideband modulator for low-noise, high-stability signal, Hallicrafters' exclusive 5.0 Me. quartz crystal filter with sideband rejecti ' on of 50 db. or more; CTO direct reading in kilocycles to within 1 kc.; 144 watts plate input (P.E.P. two-tone). Five band output (80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters). All modes of transmission-CW, AM, SSB. Unwanted sideband down 50 db. or more. Both sidebands transmitted on AM Precision gear driven CTO. Exclusive Hallicrafters patented sideband selection. Logarithmic meter for accurately tuning and carrier level adjustment. Ideal CW keying and break-in operation, push-to-talk and full voice control system built in. Keying circuit brought out for teletype keyer.

FRONT PANEL CONTROLS, FUNCTIONS AND CONNECTIONS: Operation - power off, standby, Mox., Cal., Vox.-P.T.T. Audio level 0-10 R.F. level 0-10. Final tuning 80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. Function-upper sideband, lower sideband, DSB, CW. Meter compression. Calibration level 0-10. Driver tuning 0-5. Band selector-80, 40, 20, 15, 10 meters. High stability, gear driven VFO. Microphone, key and headphone monitor jacks.

TUBES AND FUNCTIONS: (2)-6146 power output amplifiers. 6CB6 variable frequency oscillator. 12BY7 R.F. driver. 6AH6 2nd mixer. 6AH6 3rd mixer. 6AB4 crystal oscillator. 12AX7 voice control. Audio amp. 12AU7 audio amp, and carrier oscillator. 7360 modulator. 12AT7 sideband selecting oscillator. 6AH6 lst mixer. 6AH6 4.95 Me. amp. 6AU6 9 Me. amp. 5R4GY HV rectifier. 5V4G LV rectifier. 0A2 voltage regulator.

REAR CHASSIS: Coax antenna connector, FSK jack, AC accessory outlet. Line fuse. Control connector, ground stud, AC power line cord. Cabinet 20" wide, 101/2" high, and 17" deep. Approximate shipping weight 86 Ibs. (Conforms to F.C.D.A. specifications.)

FREQUENCY COVERAGE: Nine 500 kc segments covering 3.5-4.0 Mc.; 7.0-7.5 Me.; 14.0-14.5 Me., 21-21.5 Me.; 28.0-30.0 Me.; (4 segments); and WWV.

---- updated September 18th 1999 ---

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