Amateur Radio Station KU4A

Welcome to my web site. I am an active amateur radio operator with callsign KU4A. I am interested in a lot of things in radio and electronics and other pursuits. So I hope this web site will help you to get to know me better.

My biography on tells the story of how I got into this wonderful hobby and provides up-to-date information about my activities.

I have over 400 videos on YouTube and over 500 subscribers. There is an introductory video you can view to learn about my channel. But I will also describe my different YouTube playlists.

I have over 15000 still photos on Flickr. Most of these are my own, but I've also digitized a lot of family photos including hundreds taken by my grandfather. You can go see my list of Flickr collections but I will give more detail about what can be found there.

Having lived in college towns all my life, I follow college sports a good bit, especially football and basketball. I graduated with electrical engineering degrees from Ohio State and Kentucky. When The Blue Jackets arrived in Columbus, I became a hockey fan and seldom miss a CBJ game.

I'm not a very prolific blogger but I do have a blog. You'll be lucky if you see more than one post a month.