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How do I know if my amplifier, or the one I want to buy is well made and reliable? Download this article and learn how to recognize the good designs from the bad ones. Ω

How to build your own tube-type HF amplifier. Ω

My work on the ETO Alpha PA77. Ω

My work on the ETO Alpha 76 series, (including the 374A, & 78). Ω

My work on the Rare ETO Alpha 86. Ω

My work on a broken ETO Alpha 89. Ω

My work on an ICOM IC-4KL. Ω

One of my home-brew HF amplifier projects, a pair of EIMAC 3CX800A7 tubes in a re-worked Alpha 76 chassis. Ω

Another home-brew HF amp project, a single EIMAC 8877 in a re-worked Harris chassis. Ω

Tuning a tube-type amplifier properly and why. Ω

Learn about vacuum power amplifier tubes. Ω

Learn about "pulse-rated" tubes, and what the difference is from standard tubes. Ω

Learn about the dangers of tetrode tubes in a swamped input HF amplifier. Ω

Learn about RF chokes as they relate to power tube-type amplifiers and plate chokes. Ω

"The User Proof Radio." (A fictional ham radio story,...or is it...?) Ω

Build your own amplifier keying "interface, buffer" relay for your ICOM HF radio and any HF amp. Ω

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