James H. Wolfe ~ KI7CX
ARRL ... ARIZONA AMATEURS ON TELEVISION ... W5YI Volunteer examiner ... REM: Wed Nite ATV NET @ 19:30 LCL ... 434 MHz (AM), 1265 MHz (FM), & 2.434 GHz (FM) inputs ... Cable ch 57 output ... talk back on 146.840- pl 162.2 .... See you on the Radio!

KI7CX is RADIO-ACTIVE! on these bands:

  •  144-148 MHz
  •  222-230 MHz
  •  430-450 MHz
  •  6 through 80 Mtrs.
  • ATV-Active on these bands:

  •  430 MHz
  •  900 MHz
  • 1200 MHz
  •   2.4 GHz

  • The How to Rewind Solenoid Coils Page
    The KI7CX Equipment Gallery
    The KI7CX 2.4 GHz "Cheap & Easy" antenna/feed (as published in the Fall 2000 issue of ATVQ )
    A guide to circular waveguide
    A guide to "tin-can" waveguide

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    ATV "How To" Information and suppliers list

    Visit the W7ATV website, home of the Arizona Amateurs on Television

    My commuter car is electric
    For those days that I don't drive electric.. or maybe go to Flagstaff.

    My 1993 Dodge TEVan.. it's Electric

    The background picture was taken on a Sunday afternoon in 1983 at 7-bar airport in Albuquerque, New Mexico as I did a preflight check. The airplane is a 1968 Cessna 172, 0320 Lycoming, 2000hrs TBO, 350-400hrs SMOH, and performed "by the numbers". This was my transportation to and from remote job sites in the "four corners" area where I worked as a construction superintendent. After a change in employment, I sold the airplane in 1986. The 7-bar airport was closed in 1987 and a shopping center now occupies the area.

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