1993 Dodge TEVan - 100% Electric

I purchased this Van at an Auction here in Phoenix. A fine example of what the American Automobile manufacturers are capable of producing, a full size pollution free non-oil dependant vehicle. It is not limited to the neighborhood streets. This one I can drive across town and use any street that I now use including the expressway. I own it. I won't have to give it back at the end of the lease and know it's going to the crusher, like the GM EV-1's, Toyota's RAV-4 Electric, Honda's EV+ or even the Ford Electric Rangers.
This 12 year old 5 passenger van is a commercially produced, ZERO Emissions, Electric Vehicle that I can use and abuse in any manner that I so desire.

And best of all - I can plug it in!

This T series Dodge Caravan was one of 56 built by Chrysler Corporation to be an electric vehicle, not a conversion. These vehicles were built at Chrysler's Windsor Ontario, Canada plant on the same assembly line as the gasoline powered version. No plant conversion was necessary. Unfortunately for the many people that are concerned about the future of our environment, particularly air quality, they were not made available to the general public. They were sold primarily to Electric Utilities. When the last gasoline crisis ended, all the US Auto manufacturers also ended their commitment to air quality benefit and fuel conservation.
Contrary to the media hype that originates from the US auto manufacturers, many people WANT an electric vehicle that CAN be plugged in. . . unlike the nonsensical advertisement that "you don't have to plug it in..." I don't know about you, but I haven't had to plug in any of my gasoline powered cars.. but I did have to keep putting gasoline into them. Now, wouldn't it be nice if you could PLUG IT IN and refuel it with clean quiet and very inexpensive fuel?

Standard equipment on the TEVan includes: Air Conditioning, Power Steering, Power Brakes and room for 5 passengers. This is a low maintenance economical vehicle that never needs an oil change, never needs new plugs and never needs to visit a gas station except maybe to air up the tires or wash the windows.
The SAFT flooded NiCd batteries are built to last for 100,000 miles or greater than 20 years. The battery watering system is automatic as is the charging. The battery charger is incorporated into the vehicle and can be plugged into any 120 Volt receptacle anywhere. I drive it 42 miles a day to and from work and charge it after 9:00 at night which costs from $1.35 to $1.60 per day. (I have a "Combined Advantage Rate" from Arizona Public Service) This allows me to get up to 185 miles for the cost of a gallon of $2.37 gasoline.
It can be seen on the Phoenix area streets almost every day. Of course when I'm on I-10 or I-17 look for me in the diamond lane. It performs like the many other mini-van's on the streets or freeways and most people don't even notice the Electric emblems on the fenders or the Electric on the lift gate handle.
Look it over and feel free to e-mail me with any comments or questions. . . . E-Mail

{ Click on Thumbnails to see full size image} Last Update 08-26-05
Looking good in the Arizona Sunset Still looks good in the morning Ready to start check of all systems Factory Trim No oil film here in over 10k miles Clean inside and out
Main Disconnect (Safety says start here) Ready to check batteries and auto watering system We started with a small one.. #2, with 3 batteries. Wow! they're NiCads! The MSDS said Nickel-Iron Arizona Surprise! This van IS in use Then tray #1 W/ 6-batteries (yup, twice as heavy)
Charging Cables included (most are single ) Individual Battery Monitors and automatic watering 30 NiCads in 6 trays ready to be reinstalled Transducer, part of Data monitoring equipment Data Gathering "box-in-back" by Southwest Engineering, Las Cruces, NM Data inputs: Motor I, Motor V, Accy I, Battery V etc.

I am presently installing a Yeasu FT857d for HF through 440 and will post some more up to date pictures when it is complete.
It has no 12 Volt battery for the accessories and lights, instead it has a DC to DC converter, (180V to 13.5V), that is rated at 120 Amps. Certainly enough to run HF, MHF, VHF, UHF and even SHF for ATV. I'm thinking it would run everything for field day from about anywhere.. bring along a generator only to keep the bugs away.. hi hi.

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