Arctic Submarine Covers,
North Pole Events

Some of my classics... here is one from the 1960 North Pole surfacing of the U.S.S. Sargo, followed immediately by an actual US Navy photo of the surfacing.  I love the polar bear cachet!

Scan of cover from the USS Sargo North Pole surfacing, with Type-F postmark and Milwaukee, Wisconsin receiving mark.

Here is the one from the Northwest Passage by the USS Seadragon, SSN-534, for its first submerged Northwest Passage. 

First Northwest Passage of submarine USS Seadragon.

Backside of above cover, 2 line cachet stating First Submerged Northwest Passage.

US Submarines at the North Pole in the 1990's

Other Northwest Passages, Surface Vessels

90 North

US Navy public domain photograph, cleared for public release of ICEX-91, submarines at surface of North Pole.

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USS Hawkbill at the North Pole

Hawkbill and Ice Camp Lyon

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