Welcome to the KF8GR Linux Ham Software Links

This is a list of known ham radio applications for linux. Amateur Radio applications for Linux pop up all over the world, and I do not speak any language other than American English, so if you know of any ham radio apps not listed here, please send me a link and a brief description (if you can read the language) and I will put it on the page.

Most of these Ham Radio Applications are free under the GPL or other free and open source licenses. None are nagware, or commercial. These programs are professionally written, and useful to Amateur Radio operators. Some are starting to show their age, and when I feel they are no longer useful, I will remove them from this page.

RecentSoftware Updates/Additions

OpenBCM has updated to 1.05
acarsdclient has released open beta 2.10
wapcluster 1.2 Use your wap enabled phone to connect to the cluster)
atpdec has released 1.6 to decode POES/GOES satellites
SvxLink voice services system for Ham Radio
Xdx has updated to 1.2
WSTools (new version of LinWSJT) has updated to 0.4.8d
acarsd has released 1.5o
ham-pager 0.99p Pocsag server?
GSMC Smith Charts for GTK ver 1.1
baken has updated to 0.5.3
GPSDrive has a new 2.0.10 pre2 release
LiHaLo has a rc3 release
ukwtools has updated to 0.3.5
Glfer has updated to 0.3.4
cwdaemon has updated to 0.9beta1
LinSmith has updated to 0.8.1
cwstation 0.1 is a cw generator program for GTK
vipec has updated to 3.2.0
vconv has updated to 1.00
Linrad has updated to 01-25
linamc has updated 1.1
digital raio mondiale (DRM) has updated to 1.1
Mister House has updated to 2.95
klog has updated to 0.3.0
qsolog updated to v10
hamfax has updated to 0.6.4
hamtest has updated to v2.0
Xarpm (packet mail) has a 0.3.0 release
aldo has updated to 0.6.7
wxtoimg has a 2.6.2 version
LinPSK has updated to 0.8.1
Baudline has updated to 1.00
Roadmap 1.0.9 Street Level mapping for Linux
hf has updated to 0.7.3
hamlib has updated to 1.2.4
Xlog has updated to 1.2.2
QSSTV has updated to 0.6.0 (beta?)
Roverlog has updated to 2.2.2
TLF has updated to 0.9.23
javAPRS 2.5b12
xastir has a 1.5.0
Harv's Hamshack-Hack has updated to 06
yfklog added to list

Last updated June 8, 2005

Antenna / Feedline
Analyzer/Design Software
Antennavis Graphic display of antenna radiation pattern.
atlc             Draw graphical designs of that feedline, or microstrip, or...
GMSC        Gnome Smith Charts     
nec2           Traditional console antenna radiation characteristics.
SPLAT!      Graphical radiation pattern based on topo maps, check this out.
xnecview     A graphical display for that nec data.
XSmithChart  Have that computer do the Smith Charts.
APRS software
aprsd                The aprs daemon for aprs servers running Linux.
aprsdigi            A digipeater for APRS.
aprsmon           A TNC monitor for javAPRS.
digi-ned           An APRS digipeater and more.
javAPRS         Put APRS on a webpage using Java.
Mister House   Home Automation, wx, APRS, oh.... go check it out!
TigerAPRS      APRS program to use Tiger Maps for APRS.
Xaprs               The Sproul brothers code for Linux.
Xastir               THE APRS program of all APRS programs.
Cluster Software
CLX                The defacto cluster in the world.
dxSpider         Another excellent cluster program.
Xcall               A dx cluster client for gnome.
XDX               An upstart with potential.
Node software
AWZnode       Node software for Linux (fix this)
              Bet you can't figure out what this is!
       Interesting node software package
Packet/BBS Software
ax25config       Configure that ax25 stack.  (Files misplaced, I'm working on it).
AX25 libs
         The ax25 libraries, tools, and apps for Linux AX-25.
fbb                  F6FBB's fine business BBS software for Linux (or dos).
javax25            ax25 sockets for TCP or IO streams.
Linkt               A gui packet interface for X-windows using spyd.
linpac              A nice packet program in the vein of Baycom.
kamplus          Nice interface for Kantronics KAM
Open BCM      Open source Baycom software for that Baycom or Baypac modem.
TNOS             If you don't know what this is, you're in the wrong place.
Xarpm            A graphical Interface for those ax25 packets
Xconvers        Convers is an IRC subset for packet radio
XPR                A nice gui packet interface system.
XtextSystem   Teletext server for packet radio.(fix this)
TLF                 An other contest package that will look familiar.
glfer                 Extremely slow speed cw for setting distance records.
RSCW            A cw program that is useful for RS-12/13 beacons.
Keying Software
cwdaemon       A useful cw keyer that will interface to TLF
cwkeyer           A Basic cw keying circuit for cw.
IBP                   International Beacon Project software.
qgrid                Maidenhead/latitude or longitude conversion and path direction.
Sunclock          DX clock with greyline graphical display.
Educational Software.

aldo                   A morse code study program from Italy
CWTrainer      A Morse Code trainer to teach you the code at a high speed.
HamTest          Study for the US ham exam using the actual test questions.
Pileup               Practice qso's like a real cw pileup
sccw                 Another fine sound card cw practice program
UnixCW          A very well done code practice study program
GPS software
GPSDrive        Use your laptop to find those GPS locations, can use Festival Speech.
gpsMAN          Manage waypoints, etc.  with your computer.
gpstrans            GPS management software
GPSUtils          GPS management software
Roadmap          Street Level mapping using Tiger Maps

For Geographical Information try this link
Ham Distributions
AFU-Knoppix     A Live Ham Linux CD based on Knoppix
DDD                  A live Linux Ham CD Distro

Debian Ham
    A small linux geared largely for contesting.
Loop Linux      A small console linux that easily adapts to hams.
Minilinux        A tiny linux designed to be used for ham radio.
ZipHam           Another linux distro designed for hams.
Logging software
CLLOG           Nice logbook program from Germany.
hamlog            An early ham log program (abandoned??)
khamlog          A decent logging program for QT/KDE.
KLog               Another QT/KDE logbook package.
KMyVRLog    Logbook with database support.
phphamlog     Put that logbook on the web using PHP.
QTlog             A logbook based on QTlibs
Roverlog         A logbook for Rovers, but NOT just Rovers.
TWLog           Ted's logbook based on Motif.
XLog               Logbook with rig automation built in.
Public Service

Weblogger                 an aid for EOC/dispatchers.
WX Spotter Track a pushpin program for SKYWARN spotters /SAR, etc.
Rig Control
FT100                rig control for the FT-100
Gnome Rig       Groundstation Suite rig control program also known as grig.
                ham radio control libraries
LinRadio           Linux rig control program for Winradio
Marote               rig control program for the Elecraft K-2.
Parnass.com     rig control for several radios
             rig control for PCR-1000
ts2k-interface  rig control for the Kenwood TS-2000 (defunct????)
VoIP Software
CQiNet           A repeater system similar to Echolink.
microsat          Work those pacsats.
PacsatTools     Well, what do you think they're for?
pbpg                 pb and pg for Linux.
Telemetry Software
AO40TLMVIEW      AO-40 telemetry decoder.
KTelemetryDemod   Here's what happens when an engineer designs something simple.
p3dtelem                    p3d code for Linux.
Tracking Software
gPREDICT      A nice graphic sat tracker for GTK/Gnome.
ktrack               A sat traker for QT/KDE3.  Nice!
mtrack              An older but useful graphical sat tracker.
predict              A tracker for console with server for gui trackers.  GREAT!
Synop              One of the graphical trackers for Predict.
TRK                A tracker with promise, but I think it may be abandoned.
ACARS Software

acarsd     acarsd is the server program and can decode acars with a soundcard.
acarsdclient     acarsdclient is the client, and will connect to servers on the internet, etc.
Analyzer Software
Baudline          A commercial grade analyzer.
XOscope          O'scope using soundcard or Fox probe.
Xspectrum       A dated but still useful program
CW Software
glfer                 Extremely slow speed cw for setting distance records.
RSCW             A cw program that is useful for RS-12/13 beacons.
Facimile Software
ACfax              A dated but still functional fax reception program.
Hamfax            Send and Receive facimile pictures.
WXtoimg        A commercial quality fax reception program, even direct from satellite!
FSK 441 Software
LinWSJT         FSK441 high speed digital for aurora, meteor scatter, etc.
Hell Software
gmfsk               Receive Feldhell programs.  Fuzzy modes for Linux!
JT44 Software
LinWSJT          JT44 high speed digital for aurora, meteor scatter, etc.
MFSK Software
gMFSK            MFSK 8 and 16.  Sensitive and Selective.
MT63 Software
MT63              A console mode MT63 program.
gmfsk              Nice X application to do MT63.
Multimode Software
gmfsk              Does MFSK8&16, RTTY, MT63, Feldhell,PSK31,
linpsk               Nice psk program based on WinPSK.  Also does rtty.
Packet Software
multimon        A dated but still useful program for packet, pocsag, etc.
soundmodem   Tom Sailer's great soundmodem program.
PSK31 Software
gmfsk               GTK toolkit based PSK31 program.
gpsk31             Older GTK program, but still works great. (Thanks Bert Pe1BLY)
kpsk                 QT based PSK31 program with logging.  Nice.
linpsk               Nice psk program based on WinPSK.  Also does rtty.
Phaseshift        An earlier QT based psk program.  Simple, but good.
TWpsk             Hansai's original psk console mode program, got it all started in Linux.
TWpsk2           Ted's gui update for Hansai's TWpsk program.
RTTY Software
gmfsk               Yup, it does RTTY too.
linpsk                Linpsk does good RTTY, don't let the name fool you.
rtty                    A simple program, use it if nothing else works.
rtty_out             A program that lets RTTY above transmit.
SSTV Software
hdsstv                 An sstv program that sends a heartier brand of picture.
QSSTV              The grand-daddy of all Linux soundcard apps.
sstv tx                  A console mode way to send sstv, but no rx!
Throb Software
gmfsk                  Does just about everything, but can't make coffee!
wx station software
emwin                  emwin products for Linux     
GWX                   A nice client for WX200d that looks like a WM-918 (Radio Shack-200)

Mister House         Home Automation software
Weather Update      Weather Update
wx200d              wx station software for Oregon Scientifics stations

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