IK5NAX Web Site

Hi, my name is Lapo Pieri IK5NAX my QTH is the city of Florence locator JN53OT, I've put here some info, project, and other stuff related to my hamradio activity.
Have fun!

Some projects of mine:
  • NSCC 1.2: A Serial Communication Card for packet radio using 8530. Driver available for TFPCX, NOS, FLEX, Linux (very good with kernel 2.2.x !!!)
  • ROT1: A controller for azimuth and elevation antenna rotor with PC interface with driver for Instant Track (This article and program remarks are in italian, sorry!) [Originaly published on Radio Rivista 7/98]
  • SM2HPG: An old DOS simple batch program to plot points on a Smith Chart with HPGL output
  • TLMRS17: Did you remember Sputnik 40 alias RS-17 ? This was my attempt to measure frequency with spectral analisys based on FFT algorithm. It was conceptualy wrong, or better it hasn't enough resolution, but it can be a way to improve for the future.
  • TRK v0.4.1: A satellite tracking program running under GNU/Linux with ncurses interface, using SGP/SDP model and with antenna rotor driving capability, and X footprint presentation. With version 0.4.1 trk should be close to its maturity, actually my station is up but I haven't have time to check trk estensively so I wait (again) to release ver 1.0.0 If you are interested in old version (0.3.5 and 0.3.6 and 0.4.0) ask me.
  • X Smith Chart Calculator v1.0.0: A program for doing calculation on Smith Chart, it uses X Windows interface and simple keystrokes to issue commands, released under GNU/GPL.
  • GSMC - GTK Smith Chart Calculator v1.1: A program for doing calculation on Smith Chart, similar in functionality to xsmc but with a simpler user interface; written with GNU/GTK library and released under GNU/GPL. Added save/load project, postscript (and eps) printout, simple autotune, frequency step. Old version 1.0

  • other on www.ariprato.net

    Here is some Frequently Asked File:
  • GEN038 v2.0: Updated pcb and component layout version 2.0 (Description has been pubblished on RadioKit Elettronica 11/2002)
  • GEN038 v2.1: Updated pcb and component layout version 2.1 (Description has been pubblished on RadioKit Elettronica 11/2002) and pcb and component layout for TTL output squarer (Description as above)
  • AmpliAudio v1.1: pcb and schematic version 1.1 (Description to be pubblished on Radiokit Elettronica late 2006)

  • NEW:
  • Simpll v0.1 a tool for PLL sintesizer loop filter tuning... in very alpha state!

  • Use / it's simply better! But freedom is even more importantant!