CW Trainer for Linux

Current Version: v0.01 Download source code to cwtrainer-001.tar.gz - requires QT development environment to compile.

[2/17/2002] Bug: There is a problem in the source distribution that seems to appear on systems with a later GCC then the one I'm using (I'm using 2.96 btw). Until I update the software, please make the following changes (yes, I should use patch, yes I should update my compiler ...);

This is a warning... Line 31 of cwsound.h, change to: CWSoundMachine(const CWSoundMachine&){}; This is an error... Line 78 or layout.cpp change to: const char *ptr = m_cwchars;

Binary Version: v0.01 Download dynamically linked binary version - still requires QT runtime libraries. Also download source files from above for documentation and sample QSO's. DO NOT DISTRIBUTE this file by itself.

Statically Linked Binary Version: v0.01 - not yet available.

Screenshot: screenshot-001.jpg

Description: Easy to use CW Trainer for Linux. Adaptable for both the Koch and Farnsworth method of learning CW. Makes random tests or can read text from a file. Sample QSO's included. Uses QT version 2.3.x. Licensed under GPL.

Requires QT v2.3.x (may work with earlier or later versions). You will need the QT development packages to compile this software. A static binary version will be available in the future. Requires a Linux system with /dev/dsp sound support.


John Wagner, N1QO

Windows users: See for Ray, G4FON's Windows Koch method software.

John Wagner