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I am a licensed Amateur Radio Operator Extra Class. My call sign is KE6D (ex KE6DND). I was first licensed in November of 1993. My exposure to Amateur Radio is kind of  accidental. I have always wanted to install a video camera in one of my R/C planes that can transmit real-time images back to a video monitor on the ground for viewing. I found out that, in order to be able operate one those ATV equipment, I had to obtain a license from the FCC.

After locating and talking with a couple of local elmers, I was set to sit down to study for the FCC exam and the Morse code element. Since I have an Engineering background, I had no trouble with the theory, but the Morse code is another story; The Morse code is so difficult to memorize at first - leave alone any attempt to improve any speed to at least 5 WPM for the Technician Plus Exam. Discouraging but I kept on CW practicing every day. Three months later, I passed the Technician Plus exam with a perfect score on both the theory and CW element! Knowing that if I stop studying and practicing CW, I would probably not be able to get to where I wanted to be so I kept practicing and studying. I upgraded my license once a month. By the end of the third month after I got my Tech Plus license, I passed the Extra Exam and the 20 WPM CW element!

But once I got into HAM radio, I was so fascinated with all the possibilities I could experiment - I hadn't come back and install the ATV camera onto one of my R/C planes yet. I hadn't quit R/C plane flying yet, but since I got into the new hobby, I could not find enough time to accommodate both hobbies. So all the R/C planes are just on "stand by"  in the garage waiting for me to re-discover  them...

My current main interest in Amateur Radio is operating CW and building QRP equipment. I love to spend my free time (if I could convince my young kids to go to bed before 10:00pm!) playing around with radio circuitry, building QRP radios, experimenting with HAM antennas, ragchewing and DX chasing in Morse code, experimenting with different digital modes on HAM radio bands. Here is a picture of my HAM shack taken recently. The main rig is actually the  Elecraft K2 radio that sits on the second shelf just above the Heathkit SB-230. The"backup rig" is a Kenwood TS-850S (which I normally run at about 5W unless there is a DX pile-up that I really like to get through). Then there is an old Heathkit SB-230 amplifier when the barefoot TS-850S can't seem to make any headway.


I collect and operate quite a few CW keys in my shack. Here are a few keys which I use regularly:


G4zpy.JPG (25255 bytes)

G4ZPY hand key - Beautiful hand key, but I can't seem to be able use straight key anymore!

Paddlette01.jpg (22975 bytes)

Paddlette paddles on a "custom" base

Paddlette02.jpg (21498 bytes)

Shurr01.JPG (26362 bytes)

Schurr Proffi - The nicest paddles I have ever owned!

Shurr02.JPG (19641 bytes)


Click one the buttons below to view some of the projects that I have been working in the last few years.

I finally put up a decent antenna at my QTH, check it out here...

Got a broken Alliance HD-73 rotator and want to rebuild it yourself. Here is how...

KE6D Software to Control the Elecraft K2... (Updated on 05/12/2003 - It just keeps getting better!)  

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If you have any suggestion or comment about this page, please email me.

Tnx es 73 de Dan, KE6D


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