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1. A bit of History:

I originally decided to develop a simple application to talk to my Elecraft K2 after building the KIO2 serial port option. Hence the name K2S (it's either K2S(imple) or K2S(erver)) was given to this software. I have been doing quite a bit of low level programming to control robotic devices on a TCP/IP network at work using CORBA so I thought that might be fun to do something similar to that with my K2. But finding and a free CORBA package that I could download, get familiar with it, and write the code to use it is very time consuming so I decided to work on the serial library to control the K2 using just a serial port to start with. As I started to write the code, I was really hoping that Elecraft would release the long promised K2Remote software so that I could find an excuse to stop the coding madness and just enjoy using the radio. But unfortunately, Elecraft did not release K2Remote until after I was already very far into the project (K2S v0.2) I am therefore stuck with my original ambition... (That was actually a good thing since it really forced me to learn quite a bit about graphical user interface programming)

2. Features:

K2S Version 1.0 has quite a few improvements/capabilities comparing to version v0.3 that I released in January 2002. Below is the list of improvements/features that are currently implemented in K2S 1.0:

Much better GUI interface.
A fully functional keyboard CW transmit panel that support a token (word) parser type-head buffer with 11 transmit memory keys. Transmit memory keys can be programmed with a predefined set expandable macros such as: 
~mc (my call)
~mn (my name)
~mq (my qth)
~ms (my signal)
~hc (his call)
~hn (his name)
~hq (his qth)
~hs (his signal)
~sn (serial number, a '-' or '+' operator can be added  at the end of this macro to advance or retract the serial number after the serial number is transmitted. Serial number transmission also supports maximum of digits transmit and the use of cut number for '0' digit.
Virtual K2 LCD display with annunciations and S meter.
100 frequency memories.
Stacking register memories
Virtual switch panel that allows the user to push any K2 front panel switch.
VFO scanning.
Minimal contest and standard logging facility. K2S currently does not support contest score computation but I may add this support later on if I ever get bitten by the "contest bug".

3. System Requirements:

A Pentium class computer that runs Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, or 2000  with a display resolution of at least 1024x768 is needed to run K2S. A lower display resolution is probably OK but the CW transmit, virtual switch panel, and logging would have to be compromised since K2S is designed to have its windows non-overlapped from the main front panel window.

4. How much does K2S cost?

K2S is a freeware (or charityware) If you like K2S and would like to contribute, please send a donation to your favorite charity organization. Your donation will remind me that I am doing something useful and give me an inspiration to develop K2S further.

5. What about the network version of K2S that I wanted to develop in the first place?

The network version of K2S is called K2Anywhere/K2Server. It is written based on a free CORBA package developed by Washington University in St Louis called TAO. K2Anywhere is the client program with all the user interface. It looks and functions identical to K2S. The server application, K2Server.exe, must be run on a computer with the K2 attached to it. K2Anywhere can be run anywhere on the network. K2Anywhere/K2Server development a little bit ahead of K2S since that is the software I use most at home. Streaming audio from K2Server to K2Anywhere is also possible thanks to a really nice program called SpeakFreely. Deploying K2Anywhere proves to be much more difficult than K2S since it requires the user to be knowledgeable in configuring the TCP/IP network at his QTH. K2Anywhere/K2Server software is currently available by request to any HAM who likes to tinker with his computer network configuration. If you like to beta test this software package, please drop me an email and I can arrange to send the ZIP package to you. K2Anywhere/K2Server is currently tested on Windows NT 4.0 and Windows ME systems.

6. Credits:

K2S/K2Anywhere/K2Server is developed using Microsoft Developer Studio V6.0. Its many nice custom controls were "borrowed" from many generous programmers on CodeGuru and CodeProject websites. K2S/K2Anywhere/K2Server would never look this nice with out their contribution. K2Anywhere/K2Server also use ACE 5.2.1/TAO 1.2.1 - a  free CORBA package developed by Washington University in St. Louis.

7. Screenshot:

Here is a screenshot of what K2S v1.00 looked like as of 11/20/2002:



8. K2S Frequent Asked Question


K2S - A Simple Windows Program to Control the Elecraft K2 (version 1.1 Updated on 05/12/2003)

K2S V1.1 - EXE file only - Need DLLs from the full package above (Updated on 05/12/2003)

Network version of K2S (Updated on 02/25/2003)

Please email suggestions and bug report to me so that I can improve K2S.

Tnx es 73 de Dan, KE6D

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