Photo Gallery - Family and friends - Click on thumbnails for larger image.
Delilah, my friend and partner. Mama to the kids. Jasmine our Princess and Libby who loves the Hansons.
Mac. Loves airplanes, computers, and The RugRats. Here's Amy. She's our big sister.
Dee is also a cook beyond compare. Cajun gumbo my favorite. Why does she put up with me? I dunno.
Dee is good with a paintbrush. She is also good with colored pencils.
KD5BUS-Jim.. here's absolute proof that anybody can get a no-code tech license. KB5WMY- Carl. Local VHF/Computer guru. Roadside marker KING of HWY 71S.
KC5IHV-Tony. A good friend always willing to help out. Just don't ask him to climb! Coins that we have found with our metal detector. Another Hobby!
WA5QVJ (1966) in ElPaso, TX. Lil sister sits with me. Hammarlund HQ-145 & Heath DX-100, Vibroplex bug. Two time US Nat'l Champion in R/C Precision Aerobatics.
20 years ago and 30 lbs lighter. Finished in the top 100 at Boston. Best time- 2:38 NOTC Mardi Gras Marathon, New Orleans. The KISS machine....
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