European DX-peditions during 1998 Perseids
by KM5PO / ex-KD5BUR, Jim McMasters 09/22/98

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Europe. Marked squares represent contacts made by 5 reporting European DX-peditions. The red line is approx. 1000 miles. European map of Perseids '98 DX-pedition activity overlaying U.S. map. The red line is approx. 1000 miles.
LA0BY/P's contacts with 700 & 1000 mile range markers. The red "X" marks LA0BY's site, green < 1000 mi., blue > 1000 mi. contacts. Graph of LA0BY/P 12 Aug DX. Note the distinct drop in DX miles at the shower peak. (UTC time not divided linearly).
DX worked by a DL/DJ crew operating in JO74aa. Same marking legend as LA0BY map. DX worked by EA3BB who was positioned at the corner of 3 squares. Same marking legend as LA0BY map.

One additional DX-pedition reporting was CQ1MS (IM59NN) whose data was combined on the maps above.

The Mean Average calculated for DX worked by all stations was 845 miles. The Median calculates to be 805 miles. This means the data is skewed somewhat positive with several "outliers".

DX breakdown:

400 - 600 miles 10.62%

600 - 800 miles 37.17%

800 - 1000 miles 24.78%

over 1000 miles 6.64%

Remember that these contacts were made under very favorable conditions (excellent sites, good ERP, peaking major meteor-shower).


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