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MFJ-9406 6 Meter SSB/CW

I was always fascinated by six meters, the "magic band" and this is my entry into that magic place.

Full SSB/CW coverage: 50.0 - 50.3 MHz covers SSB, CW, propagation beacons.
Power: 10 Watts PEP output. ConstantCurrent syllabic speech processing gives you up to 6 dB more punch to cut thru noise, fading, QRM.
Receiver: Crystal-mixed single conversion superhet with low-noise preamp digs deep into the noise to capture weak signals.
Easy to operate: No microprocessor mumbo jumbo ... just turn it on and tune in. Low power drain: Mountain top all day on lightweight NiCad or operate from home on 110 VAC with MFJ-4110, $49.95.
Selectivity: Sharp HF proven crystal ladder filter reduces QRM & passband noise.
TVI protection: 7 element low pass filter knocks out TVI -- operate when you want to!

Real S0Meter: Give meaningful signal reports, accurately steer your beam, monitor speech processing.
Smooth tuning: Vernier reduction drive makes tuning precise and easy.
External amplifier: Jack provides a key line for activating 6 Meter amplifiers.

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