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Globe Patrol

The Science Fair™ Globe Patrol radio

I built this radio from a kit in 1977. It served as my shortwave listening rig for 3 years, until I upgraded to a DX-100.

Features continuous reception from 540 kHz to 30 mHz in 4 bands, regeneration control for increasing sensitivity, and tuning SSB and CW.

This amazing radio could tune in stations from around the globe and deliver them at full speaker volume with only 3 transistors.

It has a regenerative detector, a design that dates back to before the invention of the superheterodyne which is in common use today.

It could be a bit fussy to tune, and would be more to the liking of the hobbyist than the casual listener.

Globe Patrol shortwave radio


Inside view

After upgrading to a DX-100 for shortwave listening, I sold my Globe Patrol. Then over 20 years later, I had a desire to experience tuning in signals with such a radio again. I found one on eBay and won the auction. However, it did not perform as I expected, would not go into regeneration and therefore would not pick up any shortwave signals. I was able to eventually get a copy of the manual. I traced the sequence of building, and location of parts. I found a transistor substitution in the regeneration stage. There was also a substitution in an audio stage, but it did not appear to harm the audio.

After ordering an exact replacement for the original transistor, I pulled the substitute out, and put the new one in. What do you know, it worked perfectly! I got my regenerative squeal! With the supplied 10' antenna wire it received signals from Taiwan and WWV time signals. A 50' outdoor antenna pulls in all kinds of signals, from MW stations on up to 27 mHz CB and 10 meter ham.

The Globe Patrol is back!

Globe Patrol Schematic

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Globe Patrol Manual

I have scanned a copy of the manual. The scan is from a copy made at 300 dpi, so I spent a lot of time retouching it and cleaning it up. Pages are even, straight and clear of specks. They print decently. It is available in a 2.5 meg PDF file. I am putting it here as a free download so that you can get the best use of your radio. Includes full schematic.


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