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Amateur Radio Links

Click here for the KC4ZVW Wordpress amateur radio blog
Click here for radio project list
Click here the KC4ZVW profile on forum.
Click here the KC4ZVW profile on forum.
Click here the KC4ZVW experimental pages.
Click here the Central Florida HSMM-Mesh Yahoo! group experimental pages.
Click here the Orlando 147.120 Repeater group pages.
Click here the Central Florida GMRS group.
Click here the ARRL North Florida Section group.

Amateur Radio Photos

  1. The Antenna Farm
  2. The Antenna Farm (revised)
  4. The pictures from 2011 ARRL Field day held in west Orange county, Florida
  6. The pictures from 2010 ARRL Field day held in west Orange county, Florida

Ham Radio Organizations

  1. — Amateur Radio experimenters specializing in telecommunications technology
  2. AMSAT-NA — The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation - Amateur radio satellites
  3. ARRL — American Radio Relay League
  4. CFgeeks — Central Florida Geeks
  5. CFRPUG — Central Florida Raspberry Pi Users Group
  6. FADCA — Florida Amateur Digital Communication Association
  7. FamiLAB — Orlando's FamiLAB Hackerspace Community
  8. HAM-MESH — Central Florida HSMM-Mesh HAM Network
  9. FLWSS — Florida Weak Signal Society @.NET
  10. OARC — Orlando Amateur Radio Club
  11. LMARS — Lake Monroe Amateur Radio Society
  12. SVHFS — The Southeastern VHF Society
  13. CFLG — Central Florida Listeners Group
  14. TAPR — Tucson Amateur Packet Radio group
  15. UCF ARC at University of Central Florida

Amateur Radio News Organizations

  1. ARRL (News and Bulletins)
  2. Amateur Radio Newsline
  3. The R.A.I.N. Report

Amateur Radio/SWL Dealers and Equipment

  1. Antennas Directive Systems
  2. Down East Microwave — microwave equipment
  3. Elecraft Innovative Electronic Kits
  4. FlexRadio Systems — Software Defined Radios
  5. ICOM America, Inc
  6. K1EL — Morse Keyers and PIC Stuff
  7. Kanga US — KK7B kits and other projects
  8. Kantronics — Radio Modem / TNC (Terminal Node Controller)
  9. Kenwood U.S.A.
  10. MFJ Enterprises
  11. Q5 Signals
  12. SSB Electronic
  13. Ten-Tec
  14. TIMEWAVE Technology
  15. The W7FG manuals — vintage manuals
  16. WiMo: Antennas and Accessories
  17. Yaesu — Amateur HF and mobile radios

Blogs, Forums and Podcasts

  1. Adafruit Industries Forum
  2. Linux in the Ham Shack
  3. Scott Harden's (AJ4VD) -- The Blogging Protagonist
  4. Ripples in the Ether
  5. SparkFun Electronics Forum
  6. Soldersmoke a podcast of radio experimenters
  7. 147.120 repeater groups of central Florida
  8. repeater groups of central Florida

Homebrew/Design Stuff

  1. adafruit industries
  2. Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE – Bitx20 project
  3. Sunil Lakhani VU3SUA – Bitx20 ver 3 p.c. boards and kit of parts
  4. Pacific Antenna: QRP Kits – Affordable QRP Antennas and Kits at exceptional value
  5. K8IQY – 2N2 project
  6. The NJQRP – QRP club
  7. SparkFun Electronics
  8. The Heathkit Shop
  9. WB5RVZ – Building Software Defined Radios
  10. SoftRock SDR – Five Star, Inc.
  11. WB5RVZ – Software Defined Radio Homepage

Space Stuff

Parts Vendors

  1. All Electronics – surplus electronics inventory
  2. B.G. Micro – surplus electronics and witty Texas charm
  3. Digi-Key Electronics – name-brand parts including AVR & PICmicro microcontrollers
  4. Jameco Electronics – generic electronic parts and they ship quickly
  5. Mouser Electronics – electronics component distributor


  1. QRZ.COM – Ham Radio Callsign Server
  2. – Hobby Circuits
  3. WA3UMY – Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)
  4. Mailing Lists
  5. – .....

Other Amateur radio sites

  1. If you have comments or suggestions, contact David Billsbrough
  2. Here is the location of KC4ZVW's Radio Projects.
  3. Here is David's Wordpress blog about Amateur radio.
  4. Here is David's Blogspot blog about Amateur radio.

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