Auditors of the world, via radio, from 100Hz to 2.3 GHz.
Net 145.210 MHz
Sunday 8:00 pm - Central Florida area
Now celebrating our 12th year !!
Thanks to Mark, KC4ZVK; Dave, N4EF; and Bill, KD4OLE for thinking this up!!!

The people involved with the Central Florida Listeners Group ( CFLG ) are dedicated to listening to and discussing all aspects of radio communications outside of the amateur radio bands. This would include Shortwave Listening, Broadcast Band DXing, Utility Stations, Beacons, Pirate Stations and VHF/UHF Scanning. The CFLG has a weekly radio net on the 145.210 repeater in Orlando on Sunday nights at 2000 Hrs local time.

CFLG NET Audio Archive

Thanks to Randy N4TYV !!!!

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