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Thanks for visiting. Here you will find relevent information of interest to amateurs in Southeast Virginia, including local repeater listing, exam schedule and links to local clubs. Also there are a couple items of general interest to most hams in the country from e-mails I've recieved. Whether you are new the hobby, new to the area or visiting, I hope you'll find something useful here.

Having problems with cable TVI in your home or with a neighbor?
Chuck Manetta N4YJC published a series on the packet network on cable television/amateur interference and how to solve the problem.

Whether you are new to the area, visiting, passing through or a new ham, it's important to know what is on the local vhf/uhf bands. Here is a listing of all known repeaters as well as packet bbs's and digipeaters, including APRS. Repeater listing updated 6/4/23; APRS listing updated 6/4/23. More packet listing update later 2023

"What are those mileposts icons on my APRS map/Kenwood D-700 screen?"
I run UI-Signpost, an add-on program with UI-View32. I have a description of how it works on this page.

If you are passing through the area en route to northeastern North Carolina, check out the Fessenden Amateur Radio Society for repeater information.

Ed Harris KE4SKY, ARES Assistant EC for Fairfax County VA wrote
"Getting the Most From Your HT". Everyone who owns a hand-held should read this!

Links. Links added/updated 5/20/23.

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