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Station Equipment
Receivers and transmitters

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Station Antennas
Main Antenna System
Experimental Antennas
2.4GHz Helix Feedhorn

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KC2HAX AO-40 Page
AO-40 Antennas
AO-40 Deck Receiving System

EA4LE, Las Rozas, Madrid, Spain. IN80bm,  40º 31.9' N,   4º 56.3'W


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Welcome to my site in the Internet!

EA4LE / KC2HAX is an Amateur Radio Station devoted to Space Communications.

Please use the links on both sides to navigate this site and learn about this station and my personal interests.

Antonio Fernández, M.D. EA4LE / KC2HAX

Feedback is welcome! [email protected]

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since August, 9. 2001

since 10/08/2001

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Wheather Satellite

Polar Orbiting WX Satellites
Geostationary WX Satellites

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CCD Astronomy
Visit my CCD Astronomy Website

CCD Images of the Moon
CB245 CCD Camera
Toucam Pro SC1 Camera

Papers and articles
by EA4LE

A brief story of EA4LE
Satélites Digitales

Other Topics
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