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The Anti-Tracker Basic
Version 2.2b boards and full kits with all parts and instructions
needed to build your own Antitrack are available.
Contact me for more details at [email protected].

This is my latest version of  "The Anti-Tracker basic" by "RadioActive Networks"
top view of pcbBottom view of pcb
The board is 1.9" x 2.5"

What is "The Anti-Tracker"?  Basically it is a small PIC based system that decodes received APRS position packets and encodes the posistion reports into a GPWPL NMEA sentence to be sent into a compatible GPS unit.  With the Anti-Tracker there is no need for an extra mapping display device such as a laptop or PDA.  The stations received display directly on your GPS display and will move the symbol to the correct location anytime a new position is received.

This provides a way to have a fuction that was once only available on the Kenwood APRS enabled radios.

For more information please refer to www.radio-active.net.au

Here are the PCB designs I made since at the time Radio Active Networks did not have any available.

Antitrack PCB V2.2b
Top view with component layout
1.9" x 2.5"
The Antitrack only requires 4 external connections. +V, Ground, Audio in, and Serial out.  In this version I added 4 extra pads to allow for a Byonics surface mount version of the TinyTrak3 to be installed under the Antitrack via jumper wires or 8 pin header.

Antitrack PCB v1

This version is 2.5" x 2.75"

These designs came from the schematic available on the RadioActive Networks page.  For component values refer to the schematic on their page or my redrawn version below.  I made a couple of slight modifications to the schematic.  I added a "PWR" LED with an associated resistor (R7).  I also added a provision for a 7805 voltage regulator in case of higher current requirements other than the anti-tracker itself.  The schematic shows a 78L05 since that's all the anti-track requires but since I had 7805's laying around and like the flexability of using the available 5v supply so I chose the larger regulator.  This board is only 1.9"x 2.5" with a little room to spare. 

I have also designed a PCB for a Anti-Tracker combined with a Tiny Track 3.  The board uses my original board design and uses parts from a TinyTrak3 kit.  The Tiny Track 3 is available from www.byonics.com.  I have never actually built this board but will try to answer any questions you may have if you choose to use this version.

This board is only 2.5"x3.75"

I also designed a single sided PCB with fairly large width traces that could easily be reproduced by hand with a simple PCB etching kit from Radio Shack etc.
Single Sided Antitracker PCB
This board measures 2.75"x2.5"
(The component shown between D2 and R7 is a 0 ohm jumper)

These boards were designed using "ExpressPCB" software available from www.expresspcb.com.  The software is free and also comes bundled with a schematic drawing program.

If you would like to use and or modify my designs you will need the "ExpressPCB" software and the pcb files I have listed below.
Smaller Version 2 Antitrack PCB
Original Stand alone Anti Tracker PCB 
 Antitracker + Tiny Track 3 combo PCB
Single Sided Antitracker PCB

I also have a redrawn schematic using the orginal design. (I just cleaned up the lines from the original a little)
The image is in TIFF format and can be read using Kodak Imaging that comes with most versions of Windows or any other compatible image viewer.  Antitracker Basic schematic in tiff format  You can also download the actual .sch file for use in "ExpressSCH" software bundled with "ExpressPCB"  ExpressSCH Antitrack Basic schematic file 
Parts list
Qty Item Description
Part ID's
Source/part #
MX614 (Modem Chip)
Glitchbuster.com/ MX614P
PIC16F628 IC
IC2, IC3
Glitchbuster.com/ 16F628-20/P
$2.74 ea.
MAX-232 IC (Generic)
Glitchbuster.com/ MAX232N
16 Pin DIP Socket
Under IC1, IC4
Glitchbuster.com/ ICS16
$0.17 ea.
18 Pin DIP Socket
Under IC2, IC3
Glitchbuster.com/ ICS18
$1.18 ea.
3.57Mhz Crystal w/ 2 22 Caps
XL1, XL2
Glitchbuster.com/ XT-3.57
$0.59 ea.
10Mhz Crystal w/2 22pF Caps
Glitchbuster.com/ XT-10
.1uF Capacitor
C1, C4, C5, C6, C9, C17
Glitchbuster.com/ .1UF-MONO
$0.97 /12
1uF Electrolytic Capacitor
C12, 13, C14, C15, C18
Glitchbuster.com/ 1R50
$0.09 ea.
100k Resistor
R1, R2, R3
Glitchbuster.com/ R100k
$0.48 /12
10k Resistor
R4, R6
Glitchbuster.com/ R10k
$0.48 /12
2k Resistor
R5, R7
Glitchbuster.com/ R2.0k
$0.48 /12
1N4007 Diode
Glitchbuster.com/ 1N4007
$0.48 /12.
7805 Voltage Regulator
Glitchbuster.com/ 7805
T1 LED Red (3mm)
ad5ou.com/ Red LED
T1 LED Green (3mm)
ad5ou.com/ Green LED
Connectors for radio and GPS
Depends on method chosen
Antitracker PCB
Depends on PCB used
Case for Antitracker
Depends on your PCB

The above list shows roughly what it would cost to aquire the parts on your own and would also require you to have a PIC programmer available to program the two 16F628's with the Antitrack software.  I can supply you with preprogrammed PIC's for a nominal fee if you do not have a programmer available and you don't wish to purchase one.

If you use my designs all I ask is you drop me a line to let me know and send a picture if you can.
Send your comments to [email protected]