Photos posted December 29, 2003

Mark Daniel Billington
7 lbs, 5 oz, 19-1/4"
Born at 12:05 AM (CST) December 23, 2003, at home.

Please take a moment to sign Mark's Baby Book.  We will wait a few weeks for visitors to see the photos and sign in, and then we will print the contents of the register for his baby album, for when he grows older.  Thanks!

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20031229-01.jpg (35148 bytes) We decided to not send Christmas cards this year. Well, at least not on time. We figured it best to wait until our new arrival was present first, take a picture with him (or her - we didn't know yet), and then send combination Christmas/Birth Announcement cards. We took this photo on the afternoon of the 28th, and it will be used on our Christmas cards this year.
20031229-02.jpg (35148 bytes) In between photo takes, even Wendi's mom can't help it.... everyone's just gotta gaze upon the sweetness that is a five day old baby!  Mark is incredibly mellow, at least so far. Very alert, very aware, but still easygoing. I'm sure it is just a phase.
20031229-03.jpg (35148 bytes) OK, here's the picture you really came here to see: A great close-up of little Mark. No further comment required. However, please compare this photo with this picture of Jimmy as a baby. While John and Genny have identical faces, Mark is definitely a ringer for Jimmy.
20031229-04.jpg (35148 bytes)
20031229-05.jpg (35148 bytes)
20031229-06.jpg (35148 bytes)
The happy big sister and big brothers take turns posing for the camera with their newest sibling.
20031229-07.jpg (35148 bytes) Parting Shot: Leaving only one close-up of Mark wouldn't be enough, so here is another one for you.
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