These are all the awards I've won, each award has an url to the right of it, which tells which one of my pages won it, click on the url to goto the winning page or click on the award to goto the site that gives the award.

kb9ocq's Amateur Radio Awards

Web Award of Excellence

 The Golden Web Awards 2000

 The Golden Web Awards 2000-2001
kb9ocq's Ham 
Radio Page
Covered Bridges
A Tribute To
American Veterans
My Adopted
My Kids
Page Awards
My Main

I applied for this award for my wife for her poetry
page, I made a mistake and give my name, when 
I replied back to Ayla, she said she looked at all 
my pages and she said it was for both me and my
wife, but I only give credit  to my wife, you can see
her page at
My Country
Music Corral
Ham operators, apply for my ham


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