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Welcome to FTP 101!

Try http://www.qsl.net/support/ftp

QSL.NET users must upload their web pages to QSL.NET by way of FTP (File-Transfer-Protocol).

This tutorial is provided for the users of QSL.NET so they may quickly learn how to: (1) Install an FTP Client, (2) Configure it for Operation With QSL.NET, and (3) To Perform Basic Remote File Operations.

NOTE: WS_FTP only works with Microsoft Windows©. There are FTP Clients available for other operating systems, such as Macintosh©. There are various software repositories where they can be found. Try www.bhs.com, www.tucows.com.

This tutorial consists of three steps:

Step 1: Download & Install WS_FTP.

Step 2: Create a Session Profile.

Step 3: How to upload a page. & Basic file operations.

Remember to follow all directions. Any questions may be directed to: QSL.net Support. Remember, QSL.net runs on donations and support comes from volunteer. Be patient, and be generous with your support. :-)

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