KB7NHD's Slow-Scan Images

Slow-Scan Nets on 145.500 MHz (EM59)

Most all of the images displayed on the SSTV image pages were sent and received on the local Slow-Scan Nets in Sangamon County, Illinois. We have a lot of fun sending pictures back and forth with some good ole rag-chew too. Net-Control is K7CZ, Bill. Stop on by, check in and check it out.

On Tuesday nights it is a analog format, we're using MMSSTV v1.13A
Wednesday and Friday nights it is a digital format using EasyPal, the latest stable version.
All three nights the fun starts at 8:00 PM


Slow-Scan is probably easier than you thought!

Using just your transceiver with a simple interface connected to your computer's sound card you can be sending and receiving images in little to no time.

I'm using a SignaLink USB interface connected to a Yeasu FT-8800 and my computer. Though you can make your own interface or purchase any of the commercially available units and connect to just about any transceiver.

Note: Because our group is a local net were using 2 meters but SSTV is not limited to 2 meter operation. As a matter of fact; it's probably more popular on HF.

If you are looking for more information about SSTV I highly recommend a visit to G0HWC's web site, www.g0hwc.com. He has a lot of great information in an easy to understand layout where you will find just about everything you need to know about the different SSTV formats and software packages available and how to set yourself up to transmit and receive SSTV images. He even has web site templates to get you started with sharing your images online!