KB7NHD's internet presence

One of the most profound changes to the way of getting things done now as compared to, even as recently as the 1970’s, would have to be the advancement of the internet and its incorporation into our daily activities. It seems as though these days no matter where you turn you are either looking to the internet for information or using it to do tasks that were once done by some other means. Looking up what’s on the menu for the local Chinese delivery, paying bills and shopping online all without leaving your home could be a couple of examples.

Well it seems that even the hobby of HAM radio has not escaped the desire to “Be Online”. Though not a requirement it sure is one nifty enhancement. So this is my HAM Radio internet presence.  An expansion to my station so to speak, as well as a place where I can share some of my experiences with other Amateur Radio enthusiasts and those who may just be browsing through.

Some of my HAM related interests:

Amateur Television (SSTV), Club Meetings, Ham fests and Swap Meets, Making New Friends, Nets, Public Service and Community Safety, Ragchewing/Casual Operating, Repeater Operation, and Contesting.


This site is dedicated to the operation of my amateur radio (HAM) station and other amateur radio activities.